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Find out how you can accelerate your health and wellbeing innovation pipeline with our new business-to-business brand, Nutiani.

07 Sep 2022

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Today we announced the launch of Nutiani, our new business-to-business health and wellbeing brand. 

Sitting alongside NZMP, Nutiani complements and enhances Fonterra’s offering by driving deeper focus into health and wellbeing. The new brand offers end-to-end solutions through a combination of high performing and science-backed ingredients, ready-to-market tested concepts and expert services, designed to help accelerate customers’ innovation pipelines. 


The world we know is changing 

With an accelerating aging population and a new generation of consumers who are more informed than ever, the world is rapidly changing. Across all age groups, interest in holistic wellbeing has grown in recent years and the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic has only ramped up demand for science-backed nutrition solutions that provide multiple health benefits.  



of global consumers believe being healthy involves looking after all aspects of wellbeing1



focus on maintaining a well-balanced diet to prevent major illnesses1


In particular, they turn to nutrition solutions and ingredients to maintain their immune and digestive systems as well as to age healthily1.  

Nutiani helps to meet the growing global demand with products and concepts that help customers tailor their portfolios to meet the physical, mental and inner wellbeing nutrition needs of consumers and patients. By ensuring they stay relevant against a fast-evolving landscape, customers are better placed to capture new opportunities in both wellbeing nutrition – currently valued at US$66 billion and growing 6% each year2 – and the medical nutrition market, valued at US$50 billion and growing 5% annually3.  


Nutiani offers end-to-end solutions


NZMP speciality ingredients will now be available to customers under Nutiani’s branding and can be found on the newly launched website. Nutiani’s product range includes wellbeing ingredients such as Nutiani Probiotics, Nutiani Phospholipids and Nutiani Lactoferrin. New innovations and offerings are planned to launch in the upcoming year.

Nutiani answers the need for holistic nutrition by providing a suite of solutions which help customers tackle the pain points associated with each step of the innovation journey – from identifying the opportunity to validating the final product

Fonterra's Chief Innovation and Brand Officer, Komal Mistry-Mehta

In addition, Nutiani offers customers access to a broad range of market-ready wellbeing concepts, backed by scientific research, consumer testing and technical feasibility checks. 


Tapping into Fonterra’s growing nutritional and clinical expertise, Nutiani also partners with its customers to help them create new products and extend their market reach, through access to propriety consumer insights as well as marketing and innovation support.

Explore new concepts and find out how you can partner with Nutiani here

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