NZMP SureStart™ adds new supply of Lactoferrin as global demand increases.

SureStart™ meets consumer demand for immunity support by adding new European-sourced Lactoferrin to their supply.

23 Nov 2022

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Demand for Lactoferrin fortified nutritional products that may help to strengthen immunity and build resilience against viruses and bacteria is increasing in regions like Asia Pacific in the past ten years1. 53% of parents globally are concerned about their child’s immunity2 and actively seek out products designed for immune support. Our new whitepaper details the latest findings on Lactoferrin’s immunity boosting benefits for infants and children.

Lactoferrin is an iron-binding whey protein and one of the most abundant proteins in human milk. Lactoferrin is known for its role in our natural defense mechanisms and is commonly added to infant formula for its anti-microbial and immune modulating benefits.

A baby is born with an immature immune system and relies heavily on immunity passed on from the mother at birth. Key components in breastmilk such as Lactoferrin support optimal growth, development, and immune support to help protect the baby until it can develop its own system to defend against viral or bacterial infection.

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When breastfeeding isn’t possible, human milk substitutes such as infant formula are considered the only safe alternative by the World Health Organisation. Breast milk composition is the gold standard reference when manufacturing infant formula, and the inclusion of Lactoferrin can help to bring the composition closer to human milk.

Lactoferrin may help to provide a range of consumer benefits, including3:

  • Supporting an infant’s immature immune system
  • Providing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Protecting against respiratory tract infections
  • Supporting absorption of iron; an essential mineral for infants and young children
  • Supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria through its prebiotic properties

Lactoferrin is at a higher concentration level in human milk compared to cow’s milk. When it is extracted from cow’s milk, it is similar in structure and function to human milk lactoferrin, however it takes 10,000L to produce just 1 kilogram. Because of this, it has earned the name ‘pink gold.’ In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more parents are seeking infant nutrition that supports and strengthens immunity, and 28% of parents see lactoferrin as immune boosting and protecting1. As a result, the demand for pink gold fortified infant products is soaring and 53% of parents are saying “the more the better”4

SureStart™ has two Lactoferrin ingredients to provide manufacturers with more product development flexibility. SureStart™ Lactoferrin is an iron binding whey protein extracted from fresh New Zealand and European cow’s milk with a minimum lactoferrin content of 90-95% of the total protein. This product is manufactured with specifications tailored for dry blend processing of maternal and paediatric products.

SureStart™ Lactoferrin™ provides the opportunity for manufacturers to offer the key immune benefits parents are increasingly seeking out. Learn more about the health benefits of our SureStart™ Lactoferrin in our new whitepaper.

Download new whitepaper on Lactoferrin Immunity Benefits in Infant Health

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