Discover the new B2C platform:

European Whey Processors Association (EWPA) has launched its first B2C digital communication platform. 

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About EWPA

EWPA, which stands for European Whey Processors Association, is a European organisation that works to promote truthful communication and understanding of whey to the industry and consumers, supporting in developing markets based on scientific knowledge. 

EWPA's mission: to educate the public on the importance of protein

To kick off 2020, EWPA has built up a B2C online presence to educate the public on the benefits of protein and to inspire factually-based and scientifically-driven discussions on protein ingredients. was taken over by EWPA in December 2019 to convey the true power of protein, specifically to everyday European consumers.

The platform now spans across multiple channels including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, specialising in providing protein tips, recipes and videos that offer unique ways to include protein as a part of a regular consumers daily diet. 

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Incorporating protein into the lives of everyday consumers

It is a common misconception for consumers that protein is used mostly by athletes and those wanting to build muscle.

Protein is, in fact, essential for the growth and maintenance of bones and muscles for every person. EWPA says approximately 17% of the body is made of protein. With 9 of 20 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) being supplied through diet alone, general consumers must be fueling their bodies with enough protein to support daily body functions. [1]


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“While the positive health benefits of whey protein may be common knowledge to doctors, nutrition scientists and athletes trying to improve their performance, they are not as well-known among the general public.” 

How much protein do you need?

EWPA says the average person requires between 0.8 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight (depending on age, health and lifestyle). Because it is so dependent on the person, EWPA built a Protein Test to help its consumers determine the amount of protein they need to maintain their body. 


NZMP Proteins for everyday consumption

It's easy to inspire your consumers to increase their protein consumption with NZMP's unmatched breadth of protein ingredients. 


NZMP offers protein ingredients that match perfectly with a range of applications including cheese, yoghurt, beverages, infant nutrition, medical nutrition and of course sports nutrition.


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Explore NZMP Protein applications


Highly functional and versatile proteins with many uses


Advanced, highly stable proteins enabling high levels of fortification


A more easily-digestible form of protein perfect for nutrition products


You’ll find consistent quality in this versatile ingredient


Excellent flavour & nutritional value, high in micellar casein & low in lactose

Milk Protein Concentrates

Light and crunchy extruded dairy protein with a clean flavor. A range of protein levels and forms under development.


With the combined benefit of casein and whey proteins, plus the functional performance of caseinates


When you choose your WPC from our specialised SureProtein™ range you can be sure of quality, consistency and performance in a broad range of application.


WPIs are low in fat and lactose and are highly nutritious, suitable for a large range of beverages and foods.

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