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NZMP's Recombined Reference unlocks Fonterra's wealth of information, best performance practices and key watch outs

13 Mar 2024

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The Recombined Reference is the essential guidebook for recombining milk powder from dried form back into a liquid to create all traditional dairy applications including cheese, beverages and cultured. The manual draws from key industry experts and researchers, distilling NZMP’s knowledge into a clearly documented how-to guide for recombining dairy products with outstanding performance.

Broken down into easy-to-understand sections, the Recombined Reference provides comprehensive insight into the basic principles and processes you need to master to recombine dairy applications successfully. It is an expertly written resource that pulls everything into one place, saving time and eliminating uncertainty. Recombining milk can provide dairy-based nutrition where fresh milk is not a practical option. This manual provides a comprehensive insight into the basic principles and processes you need to perfect the performance of your dairy products.

The range of beverage applications in production within the dairy industry continues to grow.

NZMP’s portfolio includes standard milk, fresh pasteurised, UHT, evaporated milks, sweetened condensed milks and traditional dairy applications, as well as providing support for the formulation of sports drinks, medical nutrition beverages, juice smoothies – even canned tea and coffee in South-East Asia. Backed by NZMP’s proven track record in performance, the Recombined Reference helps manufacturers navigate this world.

As the dairy ingredients and solutions brand of Fonterra, NZMP™ has created this reference for its customers and other parties in the dairy industry. Fonterra is a Co-operative owned by over 9,000 New Zealand farming families and is one of the largest dairy exporters in the world. The Recombined Reference is based on scientific sources, Fonterra’s unpublished research and a wealth of experience and expertise in dairying.

Grace Cabuay, Fonterra Beverage Applications Manager for innovation and brand, and Recombined Reference contributor, designs beverages, cheese formulations and process conditions focussing on the basics of stabilisers and their interactions with proteins. Each product and technology must meet safety, regulatory, quality, nutritional, sensory and cost requirements.

Any dairy milk or dairy product manufacturer needs fundamental and applied knowledge which is current and reliable, and that’s what the Recombined Reference offers.

Grace Cabuay, Beverage Applications Manager, Fonterra

Focussing on the performance of dairy ingredients, Grace believes that scientists, engineers, technologists, manufacturers and start-up companies wanting to explore dairy will all benefit from this manual. For NZMP customers, the Recombined Reference is the go-to handbook for mainstream dairy, its nutritional benefits, their applications and how to process them.

David Oldfield is another Recombined Reference contributor and a Senior Technologist at Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre. David’s area of expertise is beverage applications. Covering a wide range from fresh pasteurised milk to UHT, evaporated milks, sweetened condensed milks to sports drinks, medical nutrition beverages and smoothies, David helps develop functional ingredients.

David believes it takes more than one viewpoint to come up with a solution and works alongside engineers, nutritionists, scientists, microbiologists, microscopy experts and customer account managers. The Recombined Reference is a collection of expert knowledge and experience in recombining dairy. It provides the latest information in a practical, accessible way for customers to produce high-performing dairy products targeting a wide audience.

Manufacturers can make a consistent, high-quality product designed for their consumer by being able to control that, target the right levels, know what to do and the impact it has on the final product.

David Oldfield, Senior Technologist, Fonterra 

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When it comes to recombining cheese and other cultured applications, the Recombined Reference helps to standardise the language in the industry, so we have a consistent industry reference that avoids any misunderstandings. The Recombined Reference is particularly beneficial to markets who are not overly familiar with cultured applications like cheese. It provides these markets with the expertise so they can confidently produce cultured products of exceptional quality and product performance.

Vikas Gaur is a Senior Research Engineer for the powders and manufacturing business unit at Fonterra. His expertise lies in finding performance solutions for engineering problems. Vikas will test new technology in the pilot plant at Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre before recommending or scaling it up to the factories.

There is a plethora of machines that all run differently with different potential problems. You can pick up the Recombined Reference and figure out what needs doing and how to remedy any issues.

Vikas Gaur, Senior Research Engineer, Fonterra

Vikas believes that the Recombined Reference shows manufacturers how to create dairy that delivers excellent performance. NZMP understands how their ingredients behave and provide clear guidelines on how to use different ingredients for different applications and with different technologies.

The manual clearly explains how to get the best possible performance out of particular applications when using NZMP™ ingredients.

NZMP girl drinking pink beverage

Ros Robertson is a Senior Research Microbiologist in the food assurance team based at the Fonterra Research and Development Centre. Ros works with multi-disciplinary innovation teams to develop microbiologically food-safe products through new product and new technology development.

It is a consolidated wealth of expertise about best practices and watchouts for making quality dairy products. 

Robertson, Senior Research Microbiologist, Fonterra

Ros believes the Recombined Reference details how to maintain consistency and get the most out of what you are making. The manual shows how to recognise all the levers that really affect a product. 

If you are a current NZMP customer or a brand looking to create performance-based dairy products, the Recombined Reference will guide you through the recombining process with expert advice on how to get the most out of NZMP’s high-quality dairy ingredients.

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