NZMP™ launches tool helping customers create world-leading beverages

Easily navigate applications, compare and choose ingredients confidently with the NZMP™ Everyday Beverages Ingredient Portfolio

31 Jul 2023

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The Everyday Beverages Ingredient Portfolio is an essential tool encompassing NZMP’s core range of dairy ingredients for everyday beverage applications.

Created as an easy-to-use tool, customers can quickly and effectively compare ingredients suitable for their specific needs. The tool carefully organises NZMP’s beverage range with simplicity in mind, so that customers can focus more on capturing market share with full confidence they have the right combination of ingredients for their products.


NZMP is Fonterra’s business-to-business global dairy ingredients and solutions brand. Used by some of the world’s most famous food, beverage, and nutrition brands, our ingredients are sold in over 100 countries. NZMP is backed by Fonterra’s grass-fed dairying heritage, passion for innovation, and leading processing and quality standards.

NZMP’s range of beverage ingredients have been designed for easy recombination. Beverage applications can be kept either chilled or shelf-stable for different periods by using pasteurisation, ESL (extended shelf-life), UHT or sterilised-type heat treatments.

The portfolio tool explains which specific ingredients are designed to support different types of heat treatments such as:

  • Liquid milks, powders and concentrates to provide a complete milk substitute, or milk solids that support formulation
  • Proteins which provide high-quality nutrition and/or functional benefits
  • Fats which provide stability to support formulation and boost delicious dairy flavour

The tool also details how different ingredients contribute to different functional and nutritional attributes during product formulation.

Split up by application, it allows customers to easily flick through chapters and ingredients to confidently compare and choose the right ingredients for their needs.

The NZMP Dairy Beverages Application, Technical and Marketing Category teams have applied their expertise to curate an easy to navigate portfolio that is tailored for dairy beverage customers. We ensured there was enough portfolio breadth yet distinguishable differences that would help customers determine the best ingredient solutions for their brands.

- Kirsty Harris, Category Marketing Manager, Fonterra


The right ingredients for outstanding beverages

As the dairy solutions partner for some of the world’s biggest beverage brands, NZMP provides customers with quality ingredients that meet consumer needs.

NZMP's Everyday Beverages Portfolio helps customers find the right ingredients for their brand and products.

The ingredients detailed in the tool offer superior stability, consistent performance and an enhanced milky flavour. The portfolio shows customers how composition, taste, texture, nutrition and manufacturing performance can be optimised by recombining two or more ingredients.

NZMP’s Everyday Beverages Portfolio covers these range of applications:

  • White milks
  • Flavoured milks and dairy beverages
  • Enriched milks
  • Coffee and tea
  • Acidic dairy beverages

The tool also highlights a group of ‘Unique Advantage’ ingredients. These ingredients have been specifically designed and tested to provide additional properties, claims, functionalities, and reliability in particular beverage applications. These advantages may be for taste, texture, nutrition, claims, or simply manufacturing performance.

It’s the go-to document our sales and technical teams can use with their customers to help find the right ingredient.

David Oldfield, Senior Research Technologist, Fonterra


Leverage NZMP’s unique standards and claims

The Everyday Beverages Portfolio details NZMP’s claims and icons that customers can utilise to inform consumers about their unique sustainability credentials. This is another advantage that helps customers stay ahead of the competition. From pure, reconstituted white milk to protein enriched milk coffee and tea, NZMP can supply high-quality ingredient solutions that fit today’s consumer demand – including a desire for natural goodness and sustainability.


NZMP has one of the broadest dairy ingredient ranges in the industry, so we can provide solutions to cater to many different applications. We also have extensive support available, such as trusted dairy ingredient expertise, global reach, consumer insights and inspiration to support our customers on their development journey.

Kirsty Harris, Category Marketing Manager, Fonterra

Dairy expertise that leads the world

NZMP is recognised as a world leader in the dairy industry. We dedicate ourselves to curating the best dairy expertise the industry has to offer, to provide our customers with ingredients and solutions that meet their needs.

If you would like a copy of NZMP's Everyday Beverages Portfolio to help you confidently compare beverage ingredients and make informed decisions for your brand, contact your NZMP Account Manager, today.

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