Meet Ros; An expert behind NZMP’s Recombined Reference

Meet Ros Robertson, Senior Research Microbiologist of Food Assurance Science at Fonterra Research Centre

14 Sep 2023

2 min

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The Recombined Reference sets an industry standard for recombining dairy. It is intended as a practical guide throughout the recombining process. Recombination is a process where milk that has been dried into powder form is reconstituted to return it to liquid to create traditional dairy applications including cheese, beverages and cultured.

NZMP's Recombined Reference has been written by experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. It is a consolidated wealth of knowledge from a heritage spanning over 70 years in the industry.

Senior Research Microbiologist Ros has been with Fonterra, working in NZMPTM for over 35 years. With a Masters in Microbiology from Massey University, Ros is responsible for developing microbiological food-safe applications in new product and technology development. With a focus on UHT and recombining, Ros has the privilege of working with world-class scientists and hypothesis-driven research to solve any fundamental issues during the early stages of innovation.

Ros believes that how your experiments develop in the early design stages can have major impacts on the findings.

She recommends properly designing a study to look at different levers for the product – knowing what is likely to be in there and studying it until you are confident you’ll get the same results, every time.

Ros describes the Recombined Reference as a practical guide that provides the dairy industry with key aspects of product recombination technology. Updated and enhanced from previous versions, the manual consolidates NZMP’s expertise into a user-friendly repository that conveys decades of advanced knowledge. It has been written by experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds – engineers, chemists, microbiologists and technologists involved in both research and the real-world application of milk recombining. Existing and potential customers can use the reference as a valuable tool for manufacturing. 

I'm a contextual person so pulling the information together excites me – just ensuring that information has been captured. I think that so much expert knowledge can get lost over time. I feel quite passionate about this side of writing things, particularly the ‘why something needs to be done,’ the problem or opportunity of trying to solve it and capturing how we did it.

Ros Robertson, Senior Research Microbiologist, Fonterra

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