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Discover how NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder can support the needs of a variety of different consumers.

16 Aug 2021

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The instant whole milk powder market can often be characterised as cluttered and offering little product differentiation.  How do brand owners find the white space to help their consumer offerings stand out?  With proven superior performance, and packed with nutrients to support immunity, protect bones, and maintain muscles, NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder has been specifically developed to support a variety of consumer positioing opportunities.

1. Benefits for the whole familiy

This is a milk powder that addresses the whole family’s needs. NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk is fortified with vitamins A&D to support immunity, protect bones, and maintain muscle. These comprehensive health benefits can support all family members - creating natural nourishment for the whole family. Packed with nutrients, this product acts as an ideal base for families looking for a product that meets a variety of needs. 

NZMP Consumer Milk Powders

2. Naturally Best

Naturally nutrient dense products are excellent for our wellbeing. NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk is naturally rich in many essential nutrients and comes from healthy cows who graze on green New Zealand pastures – just as nature intended. This product contains only the essential ingredients with no unnecessary additives.  It’s an ideal product for health-conscious consumers looking for the best nature can provide. 

Farmers walking through Fonterra farm paddock with cows grazing

3. The Real Taste of Milk

NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder is milk as you remember it.  Full bodied, creamy flavour, with a smooth, silky texture – it’s the taste consumers love.  Perfect in tea or coffee, on cereal, or by the glass, NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder is made with real milk and contains no added vegetable oils. 

4. Premium performance

NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder sets a new standard for those consumers who are not prepared to compromise on excellence.  Its superior performance means faster and easier reconstitution for a solution with no lumps and minimal particle residue, a consistent powder appearance to build your brand’s quality credentials, and an assurance that every batch will perform consistently in tea and coffee applications – meaning consumers are less likely to experience sediment at the bottom of their cups.

Our programme of continuous improvement leverages our world-leading dairy expertise to develop and implement some of the toughest quality and performance tests in the industry, so you can be assured that your consumers are experiencing the gold standard of instant whole milk powder.. 

NZMP Consumer Milk Powders

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