Case Study: CP Meiji partnering with NZMP

Co-developing protein solutions that South and East Asian customers' love.

29 May 2018

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Across the world NZMP is seeing increased interest in everyday active nutrition.

The number of food and drink product launches with high protein claims grew by 38% in South East Asia, and 47% in Thailand between 2016 and 2017 (Mintel GNPD). The potential for dairy protein is growing, with Frost and Sullivan forecasting the Asia protein ingredients market growing (CAGR) by 11.5% to 2020.

NZMP’s team has been developing new products and working with customers to capture this growth. As consumers have increasingly busy lifestyles, coupled with rising incomes, they are more interested in products which deliver nutrition and convenience in a single product.

In Thailand, NZMP partners with CP-Meiji, the region’s leading pasteurised milk producer, to create flavour innovations and grow the company’s exciting product portfolio.

In 2015 CP-Meiji launched its first high protein milk product using one of NZMP’s SureProtein™ ingredients. NZMP SureProtein™ ingredients can double the protein content in certain product formats. Since then CP-Meji has launched six new flavours, the latest, a zero added-sugar high protein pasteurised milk.     

NZMP Thailand Account Manager, Autchawadee Noi Teekabun says, “The latest formulation has been really well-received by consumers, the creamy texture and flavour of our ingredients is a great hit which exceeded CP-Meiji’s expectations."

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“Our mission is to be at the forefront of dairy science, and to be the leader in the minds of consumers in Thailand and in Southeast Asia countries. One way we can achieve this is through our team working closely with NZMP in technical knowledge sharing and in return, NZMP often shares general market insights and NZMP product information with our Marketing team. We sincerely hope that this special relationship will continue well into the future,” says President Mayalarp.

CP-Meiji’s goal is to serve consumers with high quality products that make people’s lives healthier. We are driven by what we think consumers will demand in the future and what suppliers, like NZMP, with advanced technology can collaborate with us on.

President of CP-Meiji, Sujarit Mayalarp

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