Hans Huistra - dairy nutrition that sets NZMP apart

NZMP's EMEA Regional Director describes NZMP's dairy concepts that were showcased at Health Ingredients Europe 18.

30 Nov 2018

2 min

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We've developed a fast milk protein concentrate which absorbs equally as fast as whey protein. It combines the great taste of milk protein with the absorbing characteristics of whey protein.

Hans Huistra | EMEA Regional Director, NZMP


New dairy concepts and ingredients showcased


Presentations by our experts with record attendance


Market leading innovative solutions in the New Product Zone

Health Ingredients Europe is the continent's most important gathering for health, natural and nutritional ingredients professionals.

As the world's largest exporter of dairy ingredients, we put our best foot forward to showcase our latest dairy innovation concepts and ingredients, and our experts to generate significant interest from new and existing customers.

New Dairy Concepts and Ingredients

New Product Zone Ingredients
  • SureProtein™ Fast MPC 4861 applications for sports and medical nutrition in beverage and powder formats: Providing muscles with a higher level of amino acids within the first two hours of consumption compared to standard milk protein offerings, making a “slow” protein a “fast” protein.
Ice cream scoops in a bowl with vanilla pods
Concepts and Ingredients
  • Fast Milk Protein Chocolate Milk
    A delicious 30g of protein per serve (9%) recovery beverage for consumption post-exercise. This concept contains our SureProtein™ Fast MPC 4861, which when consumed results in greater availability of Leucine and other Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), to support muscle recovery, than standard milk proteins.
  • High Protein Cookie:
    With 22% protein and added prebiotic fibres, our cookie provides essential nutrition to support the maintenance of lean muscle and recovery for health-conscious and active consumers, and as a snack, in between meals it supports muscle and gut health for healthy agers and patients. Developed in collaboration with Anr-probake, this concept contains our SureProtein™ Flex WPC 515 and Fast MPC 4861, and SureStart™ Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS).

  • Protein Fortified Apple Pie:
    As a partner of the EU-funded PROMISS projectHAS University of Applied Sciences and NZMP have collaborated to develop a novel protein-fortified treat (>12% protein) to deliver the additional protein into the diets of the elderly to reduce their risk of malnutrition. This concept contains our SureProtein™ MPC 4850SureProtein™ Flex WPC 515, and SureStart™ Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS).

  • High Protein Ice Cream:
    A great tasting treat to provide permissive indulgence to active consumers who are looking for protein-rich foods to support their nutrition goals, and a refreshing and comforting indulgent treat for aging adults to support bone and muscle health and assist with the recovery of those suffering from trauma or disease. This concept contains our SureProtein™ WPC 392.

  • High Protein Chocolate: 
    Luxurious in taste, high in protein (23% protein); an indulgent Belgian dark chocolate. A nutritionally beneficial snack in between meals for aging adults and those recovering from trauma or disease to meet their protein needs, and for active consumers to support lean muscle mass. Concept developed in collaboration with FoodSpring, which contains  SureProtein™ Flex WPC 515.

  • High Fibre Bar:
    Containing our high-quality SureStart™ Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and SureProtein™ Flex WPC 515, this bar is a convenient and nutritious bridge between meals for active consumers seeking a great tasting, healthy, high fibre snack option (>17% fibre). Concept developed in collaboration with Anona.

  • High Fibre Mango Passionfruit Fruit Gel: 
    A delicious flavoured snack containing our SureStart™ Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) providing on-the-go energy for everyday and active consumers seeking a high fibre snack.

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Summaries of Presentations from our Experts

MFGM Lipids for Cognition: What is the latest science?

Presented by Angela Rowan - Category Marketing Manager, NZMP Paediatric Nutrition: The milk fat globule membrane – or MFGM – is found in all milk, but missing in vegetable oil-based infant formula. Using SureStart™ MFGM Lipid ingredients from NZMP, it is possible to achieve a composition similar to human milk, with science-backed benefits for brain development and cognition, plus immune protection.

Innovative Applications for Specialised Dairy Ingredients

Presented by Laura Dijkstra - de Jong - Technical Innovation Manager, NZMP Europe: The two different proteins in milk, casein and whey, have different characteristics which can be used to give foods and beverages alternative textures. However, when wanting to create high protein food items, the proteins can give unwanted flavours and textures, which calls for specialised ingredients. Fonterra has several ingredients, such as SureProtein™ Flex WPC 515 and Vital WPC 550, which enable low viscosity, smooth mouthfeel and increased heat stability for application in chocolate, wine gums and apple pies.

Personalized Nutrition Tour

Presented by Stephen Gregory - Head of Global R&D, NZMP Medical Nutrition: As we grow old the risk of sarcopenia increases,  personalized nutrition may be supportive to achieve the nutrition recommendation for increased protein intake as prescribed in case of sarcopenia. Simple measures of functional performance, such as a grip strength test, could be paired with a system that provides individual feedback and personalized nutritional advice based on the test’s results. Fortifying 'normal' food with protein and making compact, high protein Oral Nutritional Supplements can improve protein intake, thus reducing the likelihood of sarcopenia.

Cognitive and Immune Health Tour

Presented by Angela Rowan - Category Marketing Manager, NZMP Paediatric Nutrition: MFGM Lipid 100 and Lipid 70 from Fonterra’s NZMP Ingredients are innovative dairy-derived sources of the Milk Fat Globule Membrane that surrounds the milkfat droplets in all milk. There is an increasing body of research to support their use in a wide range of products from infant formula to aging nutrition, for potential brain development, cognition, and immune benefits.

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