Using Extra Stretchy Mozzarella Cheese in the Korean Market

Discover exciting new mozzarella fusion dishes, suited to the Korean market with NZMP.

29 Jul 2021

3 min

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Mention mozzarella, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, the answer will be pasta or pizza. However, mozzarella is actually one of the most versatile types of cheese there is and is perfect for injecting a bit of fun and experimentation into fusion cuisine. Premium mozzarella’s stretch (often seen in ads for pizza) and its lovely texture make it ideal for those willing to try different tastes and dining experiences. To demonstrate, let’s head for Seoul rather than Rome.

Discover a new hotdog or three

Cheese is a key ingredient in Korean street food, as you will discover once you have tried their take on hotdogs. If the cheese is mozzarella, it also provides a bit of fun — bite into a mozzarella hotdog and see just how far the stretch stretches. Go half cheese and half sausage with a cheese rocket hotdog, or find out just how good cheese and cereal are together with a crunch bites hotdog.

And while everybody knows about cheese on nachos, how about a Premium mozzarella hotdog coated with potato fries?

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Eat your greens, reds and yellows

Kimchi is a staple side dish in Korean cuisine. Made with salted and fermented vegetables like cabbage and radishes, most people will have encountered it as a red coloured accompaniment to their main meal in a Korean restaurant. But for a special treat, some restaurants break out the mozzarella and serve kimchi covered in melty cheese.

NZMP’s Premium mozzarella is the way to make the special treat even more so, with its beautiful golden colour when melted. The mild creamy taste of premium mozzarella also tones down the spice and complements the strong Kimchi flavour.

Fond of fondue? Try it Korean style

NZMP premium mozzarella can deliver in many flavour styles, and this next street food or restaurant dish makes the most of its versatility. In Cheese Deng Galbi, a mixture of melted mozzarella and cheddar create a yummy, gooey “cheese bath”. Then using chopsticks, forks, or even your hands (Korean restaurants supply plastic gloves for this eventuality), you dip and twirl anything from tender pork ribs to rice cakes into the cheese. It not only tastes delicious, watching the golden mozzarella strands twirling around the food is a feast for the eyes. 

It wouldn’t look the same or be as much fun with anything less stretchy. And that goes for anything you make with our mozzarella, from the usual to the unexpected.

Premium NZMP mozzarella is a versatile, delicious cheese that rewards those willing to go beyond its traditional uses. To find out about the many opportunities it offers for meeting different tastes, putting the fun in fusion and more, click through to our applications page.

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