What Benefits do your Consumers Seek from Protein?

Learn more about the different ways NZMP Protein+ Instant Milk Powder can deliver to your consumers’ needs.

09 Dec 2020

2 min

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A consumer focus on healthier living has resulted in greater awareness of the benefits of nutrition, especially high protein. With its unique formulation of 25% more protein* as well as fortification of Vitamins A & D, NZMP’s Protein+ Instant Milk Powder has the ability to meet a wide range of consumer needs.

NZMP Protein+ enables buyers to select the benefits most relevant to their market and target consumer. Delivering multiple benefits within one product spreads risk, removing the need to commit to the minimum volume requirements that come from carrying a bespoke specification or the need to carry a wide range of products to cater to all your consumers' needs.


See four ways you could use NZMP Protein+ to meet your consumers' needs:

There are many ways NZMP Protein+ can be positioned to meet your consumers’ needs. For inspiration, we have compiled a range of different territories NZMP Protein+ can deliver to.


1. Family Nourishment

Families looking for good value, fuss-free nutrition. Protein+ is a nourishing family milk filled with 25% more protein and extra nutrients to keep everyone happy and healthy.  High in calcium and fortified with vitamin D to support strong teeth and bones, this is a good all-rounder for the whole family.


2. Everyday Active

Active consumers who are always on the go want protein-based nutrition that powers their everyday busy lifestyle. NZMP Protein+ provides extra protein, a balance of essential nutrients, and a certified low GI formulation which helps to provide long-lasting sustained energy.

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3.  Fuller for Longer

For busy people who don’t always have time to eat, NZMP protein+ helps to fill you up and keep you fuller for longer. This high protein, high calcium, low GI milk helps to keep blood sugars balanced and get you through to your next meal.


4. Daily Vitality 

Busy, on-the-go consumers wanting nutritious fuel to give them vitality for the day ahead. NZMP Protein+ sets you up with 25% more protein*, B Vitamins and a low GI formulation for lasting energy, giving consumers the ability to pack the most into every day.


NZMP’s Protein+ Instant Powder delivers the full package; one powder, many opportunities. Download the full NZMP Protein+ information pack for inspiration on how it can meet your consumers’ needs.

Read the full Protein+ Information Pack

* per serve than whole milk powder. Claims may vary by market: we advise checking your own market regulations.

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