One Milk Powder, Many Opportunities to Satisfy the Needs of Your Consumers

Discover how NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder can meet the needs of different consumers.

14 Apr 2021

3 min

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Healthier living is increasingly a concern across many groups of people, from families looking to improve their children’s diet to seniors who want to stay active and keep enjoying life to the fullest in their golden years. NZMP’s Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder delivers a comprehensive package of essential nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals that support these diverse consumer groups in their quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Addressing so many needs in one product widens the range of consumers you can target without the risk and expense of carrying a range of bespoke, single-purpose products. With NZMP Fortified+, you meet the needs of many.


Many consumers, one milk powder

The list of different consumer types that NZMP Fortified+ satisfies is extensive. We've chosen four examples to convey just how diverse the target market is for NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder.


1. Strengthen immunity

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Maintaining wellness with an increasingly fast pace of life is difficult. For people who are too busy to afford to be ill, NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder is full of the nutrients they need to support a robust immune system and keep sickness at bay. High-quality protein builds vital components of the immune system, and Iron, Zinc and Vitamins A, C and D work to support its function.


2. Promote healthier kids

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NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder will appeal to families who are looking to maximise the nutritional content of their children's diet. It's a great source of quality protein and nutrients that support young bodies and minds. Growing teeth and bones benefit from calcium, while Vitamins A, C and D support their immune systems. Tasty and packed with goodness.


3. Support healthy ageing

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Seniors want to maintain their health and activity levels, especially as many are proud grandparents. NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder is precisely what they're looking for - with Zinc and Iron to support mental performance and essential nutrients, including Vitamins B2 and B12 to minimise fatigue. It is a superb support for seniors.

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4. Maintain mental clarity

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Concentration and the ability to maintain mental focus for long periods are essential for many people. From students to people working long office hours, NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder offers Zinc and Iron to support brain function while also fending off tiredness and fatigue with Vitamins B2 and B12. It's every thinker's secret weapon.


NZMP’s Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder is a versatile, tasty solution to a wide range of different consumer needs. To find out more about the many opportunities it offers, download the full information pack.


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