Reaching Mainstream Protein Consumers

Lucile Tercinier, Research Technologist at Fonterra Research and Development Centre shares benefits of our leading SureProteinTM WPC

17 Dec 2019

2 min

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With everyday consumers recognising the value of whey protein in their diet, it’s moved from being an ingredient only consumed by athletes, to an everyday ingredient sought out for its nutritional benefits, taste and convenience.

Lucile Tercinier, Research Technologist at Fonterra Research and Development Centre (FRDC), has been working for the last six years on high protein ingredients for customers.

She describes the depth of innovation it took to develop SureProtein™ WPC 550, enabling whey protein to be applied to mainstream consumer products whilst helping move awareness of its nutritional benefits into people’s everyday consideration.

“Following years of science and engineering research, we developed a unique ingredient with the functionality we had dreamed about.”

As a result, SureProtein™ WPC 550 was a finalist in the best dairy ingredient category at the World Dairy Innovation Awards in 2016.

SureProtein™ WPC 550 can be used in convenient, compact formats for ready-to-drink beverages.

“More and more mainstream consumers have heard about whey, they know about the benefits and they look for something that is appealing and that they enjoy drinking,” says Lucille.

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What makes SureProtein™ WPC 550 such a versatile ingredient for dairy beverages?

  1. Exceptional heat stability – perfect for beverages that are subject to higher heat processes
  2. Low viscosity - providing a smooth texture. No more chalky, lumpy, gel-like protein drinks!
  3. Clean flavour – don’t compromise on the flavour you want, whether that’s Banana, Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate or Cookies and Cream shakes.

These three attributes combine so that our customers all over the world can make world class dairy protein products for their consumers, that aren’t possible to develop with any other commercially available whey ingredient.

SureProtein™ WPC 550 is a source of high whey protein (allowing products to be developed up to 14% protein dose) for nutrition and muscle metabolism – to build, repair and maintain muscle.

As the world’s first heat stable whey protein, SureProtein™ WPC 550 sets the benchmark in functional whey proteins. It’s joined by a range of NZMP protein ingredients for other formats

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Reaching Mainstream Protein Consumers

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