NZMP Pro-Optima™ answers call for high-protein yogurts without compromise

NZMP’s Pro-Optima™ proves to be an outstanding success in the development of high-protein yogurts

10 Jul 2023

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Many consumers specifically seek yogurt and dairy beverages that are even higher in protein than the levels dairy already provides.1

Before NZMP Pro-Optima™, adding high levels of protein to cultured products often proved to be a technical challenge, as the taste and texture could be compromised. Pro-Optima™ is the first Grade A whey protein that unlocks unsurpassed protein levels for cultured products in a range of different textures.


Consumer demand for high-protein products continues to rise

Protein as a nutrient is positively received by consumers, as seen by the recent high-protein trend in food and drink.2 There is also a growing body of evidence explaining how consuming protein can increase the feelings of fullness and reduce the feelings of hunger. As consumers become more aware of this, the importance of high-protein products continues to increase in popularity.

With the ability to increase protein intake by consuming products such as yogurt and beverages, consumers are finding it easy to incorporate it into a balanced diet during meals and snacking occasions. High-protein yogurts are well-placed to capitalize on the demand for snacks and meals that provide long-lasting energy, given protein’s perceived benefits in this area.

Nearly 1/3 of US consumers cite 'high protein' as the most important attribute in yogurt products.3

High-protein diets are among the most followed by consumers, and are heavily influenced by social media. In particular, Millennials and Generation Z who are focused on sport and exercise, are seeking out high-protein dairy products.4

In the US alone,


of yogurt consumers look for yogurts with 10g or more protein per serving.5

Besides evolving functionality desires among consumers, the well-established protein trend continues to be viewed as especially healthy, and this is likely to continue to be the case.6


Reach higher protein levels in yogurt than ever before

Finding the right balance between high protein, taste, and texture can be challenging in the yogurt and drinking yogurt space. NZMP Pro-Optima™ unlocks new product development and with consumers continuing to seek out high-protein products, this is an ingredient well worth leveraging.

NZMP Pro-Optima™ is the first Grade A whey protein that enables unrivalled protein enhancement in cultured products, unlocking a range of textures. Suitable for a variety of applications like spoon-able yogurt and drinking yogurt, this whey protein concentrate allows manufacturers to create the ‘impossible’, with levels of protein never seen before.

NZMP Pro-Optima’s™ leading attributes:

  • Enables low viscosity cultured products
  • Enables high protein enhancement in drinking yogurts with excellent stability over shelf-life (low sedimentation)
  • Enables protein enhancement in spoon-able yogurt, when combined with MPCs
  • Ability to tailor texture in high-protein yogurt from drinking to spoon-able
  • Excellent, clean taste and smooth texture
  • Due to its heat stability, it enables shelf stable, high-protein ambient yogurts
  • Allows for superior manufacturing performance

Leverage NZMP’s world-leading dairy innovation

If you would like to know more about how you can stay ahead of the competition and innovate superior, high-protein dairy products, talk to your NZMP Account Manager or enquire about NZMP Pro-Optima™, today.

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