Innovation Centre opens in Shanghai, China

Fonterra’s commitment to the China market is demonstrated further with the opening of a dedicated innovation centre in Shanghai. 

11 Sep 2020

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Fonterra establishes its first innovation centre in Shanghai; The Fonterra and ACC Shanghai Innovation Centre

Fonterra and the Anchor Centre for Certification (ACC), have opened an innovation centre in Shanghai, China, dedicated to cultivating innovative products suited to the Chinese market. This opening solidifies Fonterra's long-term commitment and confidence in the market. 

The centre comprises of a number of laboratories, complete with research and development (R&D) and an analysis and testing centre.  These facilities include product R&D, analytical testing, sensory analysis, physical and chemical testing, microbial testing and functional verification. The testing facilities are particularly impressive, fitted with large-scale imported testing and analytical equipment. 

Fonterra and ACC Innovation Centre in Shanghai, China

The ACC and Fonterra have together developed this innovation centre commited to the Chinese market. The ACC is involved mainly in food and agricultural research and development/product testing and certifications.  The centre follows international food safety standards and proudly uses science-based innovation, R&D and testing technology.

Playing a world-class role in Fonterra's global R&D network

The team at the Fonterra and ACC Innovation Centre is involved across a number of areas relating to product innovation (from concept to commercialisation) including: 

  • Product Development
  • Sensory
  • Consumer Science
  • Process
  • Nutrition Science
  • Packaging

Fonterra has been in the Chinese market for over 40 years, providing quality, tailored dairy products suitable for use in the local market.  Fonterra's reach has crossed hundreds of thousands of foodservice businesses across many cities in China, and NZMP has provided dairy products and services to more than 100 food manufacturers. Now with an innovation centre located within the country, Fonterra is bringing innovation closer than ever to Chinese customers and consumers. 

The centre has already rolled out a new product that is currently being sold in the market; salty egg yolk cheese ice cream.  This is already proving to be popular with consumers!

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These achievements have one thing in common, that is innovation. We hope to deepen integration with the local economy with a more open mind.

Teh-Han Chow | CEO of Fonterra Greater China

Fonterra and ACC Innovation Centre in Shanghai, China

"China is one of the fastest-changing food and beverage markets in the world. The Shanghai innovation center can further help our businesses be closer to the changes and preferences of the Chinese consumer market, so that we can develop new products which meet market needs more quickly and efficiently."

Hou Haifeng, Chairman of ACC, said at the opening ceremoney of the centre that "the establishment of the innovation center is of great significance. Fonterra focuses on quality, innovation and R&D, which fits well with the service projects of ACC. I believe it will be a win-win cooperation, which can provide Chinese customers and consumers with safe and high-quality products at a faster rate of innovation." 

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