Laura Dijkstra: Formulating functional foods with dairy

Laura Dijkstra shared at Health Ingredients Europe 18 how to unlock value from the healthy indulgence trend with dairy ingredients.

29 Aug 2018

1 min

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Most producers struggle to successfully incorporate dairy protein ingredients into everyday products. NZMP has overcome these processing challenges to capture a growing market opportunity.

It's no secret that today's consumers are demanding mainstream foods with the nutritional benefits they need to live an active lifestyle. "One of the difficulties with fortifying normal foods with dairy ingredients is that high temperature processing can cause proteins to denature, resulting in undesirable end-product tastes and textures," says NZMP’s European Technical Innovation Manager, Laura Dijkstra - de Jong.

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This issue is particularly prevalent when attempting to fortify products with dairy protein ingredients, especially whey protein, to reach a high protein content

NZMP’s European Technical Innovation Manager, Laura Dijkstra - de Jong

Using its NZMP's SureProtein™ specialized dairy ingredients range, NZMP has collaborated with partners and customers to overcome processing issues to successfully create indulgent but healthier everyday foods - such as high protein ice cream and apple pie - to provide active consumers with the great tasting nutrition they desire. 

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