Tim Carroll - leading research and innovation

NZMP's General Manager Research and Development shares our history and future of innovation 

14 Nov 2018

2 min

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“There are lots of interesting discoveries, the trick is to select the fraction of them that are useful and commercially relevant.”


330 Experts

at our Fonterra Research and Innovation Centre

120 PhDs

held by our experts working on the next innovations in dairy

Known as one of the world’s leading research centres, FRDC (Fonterra Research and Development Centre) is where our obsession with milk and its endless potential for innovation starts. 

Some of the world’s most well-known experts in dairy protein, chemistry and lipids are based at FRDC, putting it at the core of our brand promise of ‘dairy expertise that leads the world’. What seems like ‘just milk’ to the outside world, at FRDC is a unique ingredient. Sometimes unexpected findings can become the next innovation springboard.

The head of NZMP’s Research and Development team at FRDC, Tim Carroll, says that ingredient innovation ahead of the market isn’t unusual for NZMP.

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It’s important to be able to bring together the latest global trends and consumer insights with the know-how we’ve accumulated over 90 years of doing research and development, to develop those ingredients that the markets need both for today and for the future.

NZMP is well-known for its ground-breaking work in functional protein ingredients. Whey protein concentrates have been used for over 30 years as gelling and thickening agents in foods, but traditionally their use in beverages has been limited. NZMP has pioneered functional WPCs to overcome these sensory and processing challenges in high-protein-ready-to-drink beverages.

This has enabled our customers to create products that appeal to consumers seeking both the nutritional quality of whey protein and an enjoyable drinking experience. 

 “We have a strong track record of commercialising innovation by working closely with our customers. In fact, today we have the largest range of functional milk protein ingredients – in part because of our history of developing to specific customer as well as market requirements. Our end goal is to add value wherever we can for our customers,” says Tim. 

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