Are your consumers looking for a milk powder to support specific health needs?

Discover how NZMP Super Fortified Instant Skim Milk Powder can deliver to a range of specific needs through its unique formulation.  

17 Jun 2021

3 min

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There are many reasons consumers look to milk to support their health. It might be for specific reasons like:

  • Ensuring optimal bone health

  • Optimizing nutritional intake during pregnancy or while breastfeeding

  • Managing weight through nutrition

  • Getting essential nutrients without spiking blood glucose levels

Or for some, it could be as simple as just wanting to sustain good health and wellness.

You can respond to all these different needs with NZMP Super Fortified Instant Skim Milk Powder by leveraging the different features in its unique formulation. This low-fat milk powder has been certified low GI (Glycaemic Index) and fortified with a range of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, E, folic acid and iron. It also contains calcium and vitamin D at levels clinically proven to prevent bone loss*. 


Nutrition for stronger bones and teeth

Consumer Powders - Older women exercising at home with weights


Everybody wants to build their health on a solid nutritional foundation. We packed NZMP Super Fortified with vitamins and minerals, which are proven to keep bones and teeth healthy. It contains calcium and vitamin D to help prevent bone loss and protein for the maintenance of normal bones.

Vitamins A, C, E and folic acid also support overall health and wellness including bone and teeth maintenance. This is a great product for consumers who want to do everything they can to maintain the health of their bones & teeth for now and the future.  

Help diabetics control blood glucose

Consumer Powders - Young woman drinking milk in kitchen


People with diabetes need to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels while still getting essential nutrients. NZMP Super Fortified is certified low GI, which means it supports the control of blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of insulin resistance. It also helps with sustained energy release to prevent feelings of tiredness. And because it’s high in protein and low in fat, diabetics can feel reassured NZMP Super Fortified is also a great option for weight management. 

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Weight management through better nutrition

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Many people want to manage their weight while still getting the essential nutrients they need. Not only is NZMP Super Fortified low in fat, but it is low GI, helping consumers manage hunger through sustained energy release. All this while also delivering a nutrient and vitamin bundle that supports good health. 

More for mothers and mothers-to-be

Consumer Powders - Pregnant woman drinking milk at home


During pregnancy and while breastfeeding, NZMP Super Fortified provides extra nutritional support and maternal peace of mind. It is high in folic acid and calcium for overall health and fortified with iron, which aids the baby's brain development in the womb.

It’s an excellent way for mothers to top up their nutrition during pregnancy and maintain the quality of their breast milk whilst breastfeeding. And when it comes to convenient, nutritious snacks for extremely busy people with children, it’s hard to beat a glass of NZMP Super Fortified Instant Skim Milk.


NZMP’s Super Fortified Instant Skim Milk Powder can help you meet the diverse health and wellness needs of a range of consumers. To find out more about making the most of this opportunity, download the full information pack. You’ll also find lots of nutritional information in our white paper.

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