Launching Pro-Optima™

An innovative new functional whey protein concentrate that is certified Grade A.

17 Jun 2022

2 min

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Boosting yogurt protein levels higher than ever before*

Today we announced the launch of Pro-OptimaTM, a Grade A Functional Whey Protein Concentrate (fWPC), with Tillamook and Three Mile Canyon in a joint venture called Columbia River Technologies (CRT). This collaboration unifies Fonterra’s dairy expertise with domestic supply in the U.S. to expand our delivery of ingredients for cultured applications.


of U.S. consumers will maintain or increase their yogurt consumption over the next 12 months1


Manufacturers are looking for ways to push the limits of the category to meet the growing consumer demand for high protein food and beverages.

As one of the largest dairy companies in the world, brands rely on us to supply both the functional ingredients and formulation expertise they need to develop compelling new products that address current and future consumer needs.

Megan Patterson, Marketing Manager, Americas

Fonterra’s long-standing history of producing dairy proteins and expertise in formulating proteins for cultured products allows for brands to meet several innovation opportunities in the cultured dairy space.

NZMP’s Pro-Optima fWPC is the first Grade A whey protein that enables unrivalled protein enhancement in cultured products, especially yogurt, unlocking a range of textures. Suitable for a variety of applications in cultured products like spoon-able yogurt, drinking yogurt, yogurt mousses, nutritional yogurt bars, and more, this whey protein concentrate is compatible with many of the brand's other health and wellness ingredients to deliver multi-functional benefits across many food and drink offerings. 

Our Pro-Optima Grade A fWPC is a first to market functional whey protein concentrate made with US milk to fuel cultured product innovation. Pro-Optima enables new product formats and adds more nutritional value to existing formats to meet the needs of increasingly health conscious consumers.

Megan Patterson, Marketing Manager, Americas

Want to learn more about Pro-OptimaTM WPC 567?
Read more here.

*The nutrient level will depend upon ingredient application and different product comparisons. Please contact your account representative for further information and supporting evidence.

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