We develop scientifically backed ingredients that evidence shows support brain development and cognition.

Learning starts from day one

Every parent wants to give their children the best start to life.

From the moment a baby is born, they are immediately looking to learn. The first years are a sensitive period during which the child’s brain is most receptive to the effects of nutrition and stimulation because both are vital for the development of connections between brain cells.

Why we’ve chosen to focus on cognition

Breast milk delivers important nutritional components for cognition and brain development. One of these is milkfat globule membrane (MFGM) which provides important bioactives such as phospholipids including sphingomyelin, gangliosides, ceramides and MFGM-proteins.


Breastfed infants typically have a higher intake of MFGM components than formula-fed infants (Sanchez-Diaz et al, 1997).  Traditionally when making infant formula, the MFGM fraction is discarded with the milk fat, which is replaced by vegetable oils.

Unlocking the potential of MFGM

Milk from mammals contains droplets of fat.  The outer layer of these droplets is called the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM).

MFGM contains bioactive components, such as complex milk lipids, that may play an important role in brain development and cognition.

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Industry awards for our  SureStart™  MFGM Lipid Ingredient

The innovation and ingenuity underpinning the development of SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 100 has been recognised throughout the industry. 

Winner in the 'Ingredient of the Year - Infant Nutrition' category

Finalist in the ‘Ingredient of the Year – Infant Nutrition’ category

First place in the Food and Beverage Category. Finalist in the Supreme Innovator category.

Poster of Distinction


It takes 500L of milk to make 1kg of SureStart™ Lipid 100, because MFGM phospholipids are only about 1% of the total milk lipids.

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SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 100 - our hero ingredient

Our patented SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 100 ingredient has been developed for maternal and infant formula.  Due to its unique gentle processing, all key bioactive components of the MFGM are retained. This means SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 100 may help to support brain development during pregnancy and infancy.


Adding SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 100 to paediatric formula can:

  • Help to increase the phospholipid and ganglioside content, to more closely match the levels found in human breast milk.
  • Provide structural components found in the MFGM that are otherwise lower in standard vegetable oil based infant formula.

Our Consumer research shows that Cognition and Brain Development is a key driver of brand choice in several regions, including Asia.

Why? At birth baby’s brain is around 27% of the size of an adult’s brain.

By the time a child turns three, their brain is already 85% of the mass of an adult’s brain.


Most of that growth happens in the first year, so it’s a significant part of their lives. As a baby’s brain responds to experiences, it will begin to make connections, shaping your baby’s development and laying the foundations for how they’ll feel, think and behave for the rest of their life. It is important to ensure that a baby has good nutrition during this time of incredible learning and cognitive development. 

Breast milk is the ultimate personalised nutrition. 

Quality nutrition helps to enable healthy growth and development and can help support the best possible start in life. 

The right nutrition at the right time to support cognitive development. 

MFGM as a source of complex lipids to support the developing brain and cognitive function. 

Milk fat Globule Membrane ingredients and brain development. 

Spotlight on the latest findings for MFGM Lipids and infant cognitive development. 

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