Growth and Development

Optimal growth requires optimal nutrion.

Growth has to be nurtured

They may be amazing feats of human engineering, but babies and children need a lot of help in their early days and years.

Nutrition is key, providing building blocks for cognition, protection and a healthy digestive system – all the essentials to grow thriving children the world over.

Why we’ve chosen to focus on growth and development

Breast milk is the ultimate personalised food.  Its composition is very dynamic and complex - with protein, fat and carbohydrate levels changing over the stages of lactation.


However, when an infant is unable to be breastfed, a suitable alternative needs to be found, especially as early childhood is the most rapid period of development in human life.  


Quality nutrition at this critical stage is essential to enable healthy growth and development.

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Learn more about Infant Growth and Development

Download our Whitepaper to understand the different stages of growth and development in early childhood, and the nutrition required to support this.

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We are actively involved in the Infant Nutrition sector

Fonterra engages in a number of associations in the dairy and infant nutrition sector both locally and globally.

  • Fonterra has representatives leading working groups of the International Special Dietary Foods Association (ISDI)
  • Fonterra has board representation on the Infant Nutrition Council (ANZ association) and the INC scientific and regulatory technical committe.
  • Fonterra is a member of a number of leading local and regional industry associations including the Asia Pacific Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association, and the INC.
  • This wide industry engagement allows us to keep up to date with changes in the environment from global policy issues through to new technologies and local regulatory changes.

Breast milk is the ultimate personalised nutrition. 

Quality nutrition helps to enable healthy growth and development and can help support the best possible start in life. 

The right nutrients at the right time to support cognitive development. 

MFGM as a source of complex lipids to support the developing brain and cognitive function. 

Milk fat Globule Membrane ingredients and brain development. 

Spotlight on the latest findings for MFGM Lipids and infant cognitive development. 

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Explore our other Focus Areas 

We develop scientifically backed ingredients that evidence shows support brain development and cognition.

Supporting healthy digestive systems for happy babies.

We define ‘Protection’ as supporting babies’ digestive and immune systems to help them defend against illness.

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