Consumers are seeking more elevated experiences from their consumption occasions

The beverages and cultured categories are well positioned to fill the gap with fresh, indulgent dairy products

28 Mar 2023

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Consumer trends have changed significantly as the world continues to be impacted by many unprecedented events. Seeking out a more elevated experience from the food they purchase, consumers are gravitating towards food they perceive as more indulgent and comforting, in a socially permissible way.

Consumers view dairy as a healthy food option, making the indulgence factor justified. As consumers become more experimental in their purchase decisions, dairy brands have the potential to utilise this trend by presenting the nutritional goodness of dairy and the versatility of application from indulgent cultured and beverage products. 

Consumers are switching out generic products as indulgence brings a heightened sense of comfort, reward and excitement.

Mintel, 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends

Consumer views are changing with some yoghurts and dairy products now perceived as a dessert alternative or indulgent treat.1 They are seeking the freedom to treat themselves with indulgent products that offer nutritional benefits. Overall, this global consumer interest in products providing both positive nutrition and comfort2 will create more demand and opportunities for brands to deliver elevated experiences.

Bringing indulgence and wellness together

The premium quality of New Zealand grass-fed dairy is well-positioned to grow market share for indulgent yet healthy treats. The Gen Z market is an interesting space to watch with many Gen Z consumers choosing indulgent food and often purchasing treats for mental wellness reasons.3 Being aware of how dairy is perceived by consumers as permissible indulgence, we can expect to see more products play into this space.

For consumers who are seeking convenient, indulgent snacks that curb hunger quickly, snackable yoghurts are proving to be ideal. Dialling up the indulgence factor, consumers are responding well to maximum taste and style.4

Spoonable yoghurt with berries in pottle with spoon on table

Creativity in the kitchen

There is an opportunity to promote dairy to elevate the experience of home cooking and baking. Consumers are seeking innovation and the chance to be experimental in the kitchen due to the pandemic, which has forced them to spend more time at home4. The consumer interest in ideas for using yoghurt in cooking/baking highlights the potential to unlock new usage occasions.1

Indulgent beverages

Convenient beverages are a great way to satisfy consumers looking for an indulgent treat on-the-go. A large number of consumers see iced RTD coffees as an indulgent product and are willing to pay more for these5. Consumers who participate in social media often associate iced coffee with indulgent, sweet flavours and react to these products better when associated with comfort food5. This can be done through indulgent flavours such as red velvet cake and chocolate gateau.5

Woman Consuming Drinking Yoghurt in bottle

Appealing textures offer permissible indulgence

High protein yoghurts are becoming indulgent treats with brands incorporating double cream to create luxuriously thick, velvety textures. Brands are utilising textural ingredient inclusions to boost a product’s sensory experience ranging from indulgent chocolate to chewy fruit pieces and granola mixes6. Yoghurt brands in China are adding almonds, popping candies, freeze-dried yoghurt and dragon fruit pieces to their products for a truly elevated experience.6

Delivering an elevated experience

By addressing consumer interest in permissible indulgence, NZMP continues to develop a range of indulgent yet nutritious beverage and cultured concepts. Our team have created a framework to deliver the benefits consumers are seeking in order for your brand to develop products with our ingredients that target these needs.

Take a look at the product concepts on our beverages or cultured pages for some exciting ideas and inspiration on how you can leverage the emerging trends in this growing category.

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