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20 Feb 2024

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New supply chain visibility data accurately tracks shipments

Through our Voice of Customer programme, we’ve been listening to our customers to understand their needs and identify areas for improvement. In our “You Said, We Did” publication, we share what we’ve been doing differently based on our customers’ feedback.

In the February 2024 edition of “You Said, We Did”, we explain how we’ve created a better user experience for myNZMP and My Orders with accurate, end-to-end traceability of all NZMPshipments leaving from New Zealand. 

myNZMP is a fast, convenient, and personalised online platform that helps you efficiently manage your NZMP™ orders.

What our customers were saying:

Listening to customers, we established how important it was to have access to timely, accurate delivery information. Previously, within the My Orders function of myNZMP, ETD and ETA data appeared to lag upon departure, and any orders that needed to be amended were not updated with new shipping details. Customers were having to resort to asking our Sales Team or referring to multiple sources of shipping data to get the most accurate shipping updates.

Customers told us they needed better quality shipping information. This was a global recognition of shifting expectations. They needed to know exactly where their orders were, and when they could expect them. When product is sitting in a container, it’s costing our customers. The experience they’d had before the Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) project, was that we could give them the information up to the point of departure, but what happened after that was an estimate. Customers were checking the carrier’s website, and the information could be different. Our customers needed to be able to trust the information we were supplying so they could plan for deliveries and continue their operations.

How we acted on this customer feedback:

We conducted backend work on myNZMP to update how it uses and displays data to our customers. In order to uncover the most efficient solution, NZMP embarked on a large scale Supply Chain Visibility project. The project was a collaboration between NZMP, Fonterra, our key logistics partners, and global logistics tech experts, with the objective of creating a fully integrated data system that allows visibility of our supply chain and customer orders.

“Fundamentally, SCV continues to build on the foundation of good quality data, as we continue our journey of being a data-led organisation.” 

- Kimberly Benish, Product Owner - Logistics & Customer Experience, Fonterra.

During the SCV project, we researched and tested the most accurate source of information and fed that into our core system. As a result, customers can come to us with complete trust in what we are delivering to them. It is designed to be used as a reliable and consistent ‘one source of truth’ from NZMP and Fonterra. That is our promise to our customers, and we will continue to ensure our data remains the most accurate source.

Through SCV, our new track and trace function collates supply chain data sourced from Fonterra and our freight partners to provide customers with end-to-end visibility of ex NZ export shipment data. Updated every 15 minutes, it is the most frequent, reliable, closest information you’ll get to real time. There will no longer be a need to access carrier websites and other sources for shipping information, nor extract data and reports from Fonterra systems. This new data will be stored in our software systems and will flow directly through to myNZMP.

Success results:

The new SCV system now in place provides 99% of active orders with improved on-water ETA updates and tracking information throughout the shipment’s journey. The estimated arrival at port is now tracked with 94% accuracy and 100% completeness. The improved timeliness of shipping ETA and ETD milestones connect directly to myNZMP, making My Orders the best source of same-day shipment information for our customers.

The SCV solution addresses the customer need for competence, confidence, ease, and reliability when it comes to purchasing from a supplier. It addresses the customer’s need to plan, buy and manage orders, all in the one place. Accurately updating order milestones also demonstrates the high level of expertise and service offerings NZMP customers have access to.

Streamline your ordering

Customers already see myNZMP as their one stop shop and the SCV project has reinforced customer trust by adding another layer of service. As customer expectations shift, we will continue our ongoing evolution to make more improvements to myNZMP for a better customer experience.

NZMP customers who are not currently utilising myNZMP can reach out to their Account Manager to start the myNZMP onboarding process. This onboarding helps breakdown the multiple benefits of being able to manage everything online, in your own time. If you would like to learn more about our track and trace visibility and myNZMP, please contact your NZMP Account Manager. If you are interested in becoming a NZMP customer, please contact us here.

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