Our ongoing Voice of Customer programme

Listening to our customers and turning their feedback into customer experience improvements

26 Apr 2023

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Larry King, the legendary talk show host, once said…

…if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.

In 2021, we took a bold step forward by implementing a comprehensive Voice of Customer programme designed to capture and understand our customers' feedback and needs.

Through this program, we have been able to convert the valuable insights we gained into tangible improvements to enhance your customer experience. Our Voice of Customer programme is an ongoing initiative, and we continuously gather feedback to drive constant improvements.

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We are delighted and humbled that customers like you continue to have a high level of confidence in working with us. Our Net Promoter Score (how strongly a customer recommends a supplier) goes from strength to strength at +56 in 2022, an improvement of +9 compared to the previous year.

Through this programme, we have been able to gain valuable insights to help us deliver tangible improvements to enhance our customers’ experience. We are committed to keeping you up-to-date on our progress and would like to share how we are transforming our business and improving our customer interactions.

We have launched the "You Said, We Did" publication featuring case studies of the changes we have implemented, as a way to reconnect with our customers and show them how we are using their customer feedback.

In our comprehensive four-stage Voice of Customer programme, "You Said, We Did" is the final phase where we share the improvements we have made based on the feedback we received from customers.

four stages of voc programme

We invite you to read the publication to learn more about how we collaborated with our customers to help them manage this challenge and achieve their business objectives.

View our latest "You Said, We Did."

Learn about the changes we've made to enhance our services and build stronger relationships with our valued customers.

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