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21 Jun 2022

3 min

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Discover how to create value with yoghurts by leveraging protein, texture and functional benefits. First, we hear from Mintel ANZ Associate Director, Adrianna Heinzen, on consumer trends and innovation opportunities for cultured products. Then we hear from NZMP cultured-food experts Lisa Rutherford, Esther Hutchinson and Marjan Javanmard on overcoming challenges in protein addition, and creating yoghurt texture consumers will love.

Watch this webcast to learn about the latest trends and insights driving texture innovation in yoghurt and cultured applications.


Don’t have time to watch the recording? Here are the key points:

1. The intersection between nutrition and sensory experience is a key trend

Consumers are looking for more nutrient dense foods, as well as new textures to expand their sensory experience. Expand your texture offering to grow your brand.


2. Yoghurt is popular for its nutritional benefits and varied product range 

Consumers are looking to yoghurt for functional benefits like gut friendly, memory & immunity boosts, and pre/post workout snacks. Texture can be a forgotten sensory attribute, but consumers can be excited to try new textural innovations. 

Consumers also eat yoghurt to cheer themselves up, for fun, and for new food experiences.

Set yoghurt and kiwifruit on table


3. The four critical steps in high-protein yoghurt manufacture 

Creating high-protein yoghurt can be challenging.  Selecting the appropriate protein ingredient is key when considering desired final product properties.

  • Ingredient Mixing – Consider mixing time, temperature and ingredient properties 
  • Heat Treatment – Ensure ingredients have good stability, such as NZMP functional WPC  
  • Fermentation – Choose ingredients with lower buffering capacity
  • Smoothing – Low viscosity ingredients can support pumping and smoothing


4. NZMP has solutions across a range of yoghurt textures

NZMP has solutions for drinking and spoonable yoghurts, as well as high-protein set, mousse and bar yoghurts to accelerate your innovation pipeline, and differentiate your products 

The opportunities to create value in yoghurt with protein and texture are broad. 

Let’s innovate together!


Hear from our panel of experts

Adriana Heinzen

Associate Director, Mintel

Adriana has over ten years of experience in marketing across agency and client-side, most recently leading product innovation, brand health tracking, and advertising research in food & beverages, media, and transport services. Prior to that, she worked on shopper marketing for a leading FMCG company. Adriana holds a Master of Marketing from the University of Sydney.

Lisa Rutherford

Principal Research Technologist, Fonterra​

Lisa has worked at Fonterra for thirty years and she has held several roles at Fonterra’s Research & Development centre, working on the development and application of protein ingredients in a variety of food systems. She is currently working in the Cultured Foods application team at the Fonterra Research & Development centre, leading R&D teams to create innovative new ingredients and providing technical support for cultured customers around the world.​

Esther Hutchinson

Cultured Foods Manager, Fonterra​

Esther has over 25 years experience in a range of R&D environments with a broad knowledge of the dairy industry. Esther leads the Cultured Foods application team at Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre where she applies her experience implementing new products and trouble shooting in yoghurt manufacturing plants to ensure that NZMP's formulations and products are commercially relevant. Esther and her team of application experts team develop solutions for customers all around the world across a wide range of cultured formats ensuring that formulations are tailored to plant capabilities and target product properties.

Marjan Javanmard

Research Technologist, Fonterra

Marjan is a Food Rheology specialist with over 10 years’ experience working on different food systems. Marjan joined Fonterra in April 2020 and is a research technologist in the Cultured Foods Application team where she primarily focuses on structure and rheology relationships and rational design of cultured and dairy foods systems. Marjan holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland.​

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