NZMP at Vitafoods 2019

7-9th May 2019

Geneva, Switzerland | Stand K166

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Discover our innovations that meet the latest health and wellness trends

Including solutions to increase protein consumption, and to support gut and cognitive health.

The size of the Europe nutrition and supplements market was valued at USD 31.7 billion in 2016 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period 2018 - 2025.


See what's on stand:

Growing demand amongst time-pressed consumers for on-the-go, nutritious and filling drinks.

Consumers are seeking to increase their protein intake, in particular in between meals, to support their nutritional needs and lifestyle goals. Protein-rich fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent way to cater to this need, broadening the number of protein consumption occasions for consumers. 

European consumers also show a particular willingness to try functional beverages due to the health benefits they deliver.

Through the course of 2018, 16% of juice launches in Europe made some kind of functional claim, and producers have further opportunities to tap into this market.

However, fortifying acidic beverages presents its challenges, often leading to flavour and texture issues. NZMP’s protein fruit and vegetable juice concepts have been designed to showcase NZMP’s functional SureProtein™ WPC 515, which enables the delivery of essential amino acids to support the maintenance of lean muscle mass and provide an energy boost between meals in an easy to consume format.

These will be available for tasting at stand K166 and the Vitafoods Tasting Zone, and displayed in the New Product Zone.

Gut health products with global potential thanks to new health benefit evidence.

New research increasingly links gut health and the microbiome to a variety of benefits, including improving mental and skin health. As gut health awareness increases, so will the demand from consumers of all ages for products with digestive and gut health claims.

NZMP has developed a number of high fibre, indulgent concepts designed to showcase how our ingredients can be used in applications to support an active healthy lifestyle. Sample these at stand K166 at Vitafoods.

  • Chocolate chip cookie with 16% fibre & 22% protein. This concept contains added probiotic SureStartTM Galacto-oligosaccharide fibres to support gut health, and SureProteinTM Flex WPC 515 and Fast MPC 4861 to support the maintenance and growth of lean muscle.
  • Belgian dark chocolate with 23% protein. High in both fibre and SureProteinTM Flex WPC 515 with reduced sugar, this easy to consume snack is nutritionally beneficial, helping consumers meet their protein needs and support gut health.

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Healthy infant trial demonstrated statistically significant improvements in some measures of cognitive development.

Evidence suggests that MFGM and its components may play an important role in brain development, cognition, protection and digestive health. 

Human milk is the ideal way to feed a baby, but when an infant is unable to be breastfed, cow’s milk ingredients can provide an alternative source of complex lipids through its MFGM.

The milk fat globule membrane – or MFGM – is found in all milk, but missing in vegetable oil-based infant formula. Our SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 70 can be used to achieve an infant formula composition closer to that of human milk than egg or soy can, with science-backed benefits for brain development, cognition, and immune protection.

Visit us at stand K166 to discuss the application opportunities for SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 70, or view in the New Ingredient Zone.

Low hospital compliance rates amongst patients contributes to lower patient outcomes.

Malnutrition is widespread amongst patients and elderly, estimated to affect over 80% of hospitalized elderly patients. Oral nutrition supplements (ONS) are typically prescribed to tackle malnutrition. 

However, the key challenge of the medical nutrition industry is that patient malnutrition can be caused by low compliance rates, which is often the result of ONS products with an undesirable taste and texture.

Whey proteins are an excellent source of nutrition for the elderly and patients due to its fast absorption properties and favourable essential amino acid profile for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Due to the challenges involved in processing whey protein, medical beverages typically don't contain whey protein levels above 6%. Essentially, patients and elderly are not consuming high levels of the best quality protein available to support their recovery and prevent the onset of disease.

Our high protein, high-calorie medical beverage concept showcases how NZMP's unique functional ingredients, SureProtein Fast MPC 4861 and Vital WPC 550, enable the development of great-tasting medical beverages, containing high levels of whey protein. Visit us at stand K166 to sample our concept and discuss how you can create a unique competitive advantage.

Meet our Experts on-stand

Roel van de Put

Sales Manager, Sports & Active Lifestyle Nutrition - Europe

With more than seven years' experience in the health and nutrition market, Roel van de Put is an experienced Sales Manager with a strong track record in the European market. Roel is your NZMP contact for Sports & Active lifestyle nutrition needs, and will be available on stand K166 to catch up on any business opportunities.

Francis Reid

NZMP Sales Director - Europe

Francis has been with Fonterra since 2008 and based in Europe since 2013. Experienced in selling dairy foods and advanced ingredient solutions, to our customers in Europe and around the world, Francis will be on stand at K166 to discuss your business needs.

Angus Rowland

NZMP Technical Innovation Lead - Europe

Having been with Fonterra for five years, Angus has a breadth of experience across dairy manufacturing and advanced ingredient sales. In particular, the manufacture and use of dairy proteins with a focus on active lifestyle and paediatrics applications. Angus will be on stand at K166 to discuss your business needs.

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