Webcast Available On Demand: Wellness Inside and Out

Watch on demand or read our key takeaways from the Wellness Inside and Out webcast, where Rachel Marshall talks about product innovation for wellness.

01 Dec 2020

3 min

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Learn how this growing consumer trend is driving product innovation within sports and active lifestyle applications.  You will also discover how to leverage NZMP’s broad portfolio of ingredients to meet the wellbeing needs of modern consumers.


Don’t have time to watch the recording? Take 2 minutes to read our summary notes:

1. Health and wellness are hot topics and a holistic approach has developed.

No longer is health just about the physical, but consumers are seeking health in mind, soul and body, driving new wellness opportunities. They are seeking to meet their needs in many ways, and nutrition is a key tool, including food, beverages and supplements.

2. NZMP is consumer lead, seeking first to understand needs in order to tailor solutions to help deliver total well-being.

The Sports and Active Lifestyle team have focus areas which include physical performance, from the everyday active to professional athletes; healthy weight, including weight loss and maintenance; mental well-being, including performance under stress; and wellness from the inside out, including gut health and the particularly topical 2020 focus immunity.

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3. Efficacious ingredients to meet many wellness needs.

It may be surprising that dairy has the potential to support so many health and wellness areas, but science shows that dairy can deliver to much more than simply the base nutrition we take for granted. In addition to the expected dairy proteins and powders, NZMP has a strong range of specialized ingredients with supporting science showing their ability to deliver to wellness areas, including probiotics derived from dairy sources for immunity and digestive wellness; lactoferrin for immunity; and milk phospholipids with a range of potential benefits, including performance under stress and physical performance.

4. Versatile ingredients to deliver nutritional wellness in many formats.

While consumers seek wellness through supplements, they are increasingly interested in functional foods and beverages to boost their wellness. To be successful, products must be convenient and have great taste and texture. Our ingredients enable great-tasting delivery of functional nutrition in many formats; ranging from traditional powdered shakes, bars and ready to drink beverages to fortified everyday foods such as cookies, and supplement formats too.

5. Unique ingredient technologies and technical support.

NZMP can offer unique ingredients to deliver to consumer needs. With deep technical expertise, the team can provide support to bring concepts to life, including formulating and processing guidance and clinical evidence to support the benefits of our ingredients.

6. This was a taste, there is much more to uncover.

Talk to your NZMP account team to set up a time to explore more of the benefit areas and solutions we didn’t have time to cover, including how Milk Phospholipids may help with stress management, an increasingly topical subject in today’s hectic lives.

Learn about our expert presenter:

Rachel Marshall

Technical Engagement Manager | NZMP Sports and Active Lifestyles

With 20 years' experience in dairy ingredient solutions and a passion for sports and active nutrition, Rachel is a wealth of knowledge on the market and how to use protein ingredients to offer great taste and texture across a range of applications. She works closely with global sales teams and customers to speed up innovation and new consumer product launches.

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