NZMP at Food Ingredients China 2019

18-20th March 2019

Shanghai on stand 5.1 H00/J01

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Join us at Food Ingredients China 2019

Discover how our dairy expertise is answering the growing active health & wellness demand in China.

47% of chinese consumers are consuming more protein than they did in the last 2 years - and the demand for healthy, protein infused products continues to grow. 

Protein consumption in China continues to grow

Are you making the most of this trend? We have the broadest range of dairy protein ingredients available globally. The unmatched breadth of our range provides you with flexibility to meet the varied functional and nutritional needs of consumers. 

  • Explore how our proteins can meet the needs of sports and active consumers through convenient bars & smoothie concepts, innovative drinks like protein water (made with SureProtein™ Clear WPI or our Ready-To-Mix solutions.
  • NZMP offers a wide choice of standard and functional milk protein concentrates designed to deliver enhanced performance in a range of applications. Try out our Fast MPC and Whey blend at Food Ingredients China in a delicious chocolate milk RTD.
  • Learn more about our dairy beverage applications including high-protein, clean-label milk beverage concepts made with NZMP SureProtein™ ingredients and ambient yoghurt concepts with a range of protein levels to suit any consumer.
Jonathan Suen, Eurasian Male, Mid 20's. Eurasian male preparing protein shake at kitchen counter.

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Gold-winning NZMP Cheeses have ascended to Champion status

Differentiate your paediatric formula brand with NZMP's NEW Organic Paediatrics Range

There is a growing trend globally towards healthy, more natural, less processed and sustainable food choices.  Consumers all around the world care more about the food they eat; they want to know where it came from, how it was made, and what nutrition it offers.  Many are choosing organic products to help meet these needs for themselves and their families, especially for their infants. 

Organic dairy is forecasted to grow 33% between 2017 and 2022. 

Consumers increasingly seek the assurance of organic certification.  Organic paediatric ingredients are difficult to source.  NZMP’s premium range of certified organic base powders will enable infant formula manufacturers and brand owners to enter this fast-growing segment and differentiate their paediatric formula brand.

Our certified Organic formulations are produced in accordance with the organic standards from cow to customer.  Suitable for China, NZ and Australian markets when blended with essential Vitamin C and other specialty ingredients to produce IF/FO/GUMP products.

Find out more about our complete range of Formulated Paediatric Base Powders at Food Ingredients China 2019.

Take control of price and supply

NZMP’s Risk & Commercial Solutions allows you to bring confidence, balance, focus, and simplicity to your business by managing your dairy ingredient price exposure and supply volatility.

Visit the NZMP stand at Food Ingredients China to discuss how you can include our PriceLock or PriceCollar offerings into your next ingredient purchase.

Award Winning, low-fat, high-protein cheese

  • Meet the demand of consumers for healthier food, without compromising on taste. NZMP's Noble is an award winning full-flavoured cheddar with 30% less fat and higher protein than a tasty cheddar ideal for shredding, cutting, baking, snacking and in processed cheese applications.
  • NZMP Parmesean, a classic cheese thats adds a burst of flavour to many foods, will also be showcased at Food Ingredients China 2019

Connect with NZMP at Food Ingredients China

Donna McBride

NZMP Category Director of Dairy Foods
18-20th March 2019 in Shanghai on stand 5.1 H00/J01

Donna has developed her technical and marketing expertise through her international career. Donna will be on stand at Food Ingredients China discussing our range of unmatched cheese ingredients. Come visit stand 5.1 H00 / J01 to find out how our cheese ingredients can open up new opportunities for your business.

Charles Li

NZMP Category Marketing Manager of Dairy Foods
18-20th March 2019 in Shanghai on stand 5.1 H00/J01

Charles is an expert in partnering with customers to drive the best value and best quality products. He has a deep understanding of the China market and will be on stand 5.1 H00 / J01 to discuss your business needs.

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