NZMP at SupplySide West 2019 

17-18th October 2019

Las Vegas, USA, Booth #3208

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Join NZMP at Supply Side West 2019

Explore how our probiotics, innovative proteins for bars, and the New Zealand grass-fed dairy story can add value to your business.

Innovate for bars using SureProteinTM ingredients

Explore how our NZMP SureProteinTM  ingredients can help you meet the ever-growing demand for healthy & tasty protein bars for sports and active consumers.

  • SureProteinTM WPC515 allows you to achieve high levels of whey protein while delivering superior taste & texture, with low cost-in-use. 
  • SureProteinTM WPH917 has excellent nutritional value with high levels of whey protein hydrolysates and low lactose. It offers bar softening and texture stability with a mild flavour.
  • SureProteinTM TMP1104 is a texture building milk protein isolate with a clean flavour that makes soft bar dough more manageable. it is also low in lactose.

Protein Crisps to deliver on sensory experience

Discover NZMP SureProteinTM Crisps. These dairy protein crisps are a light and crunchy extruded ingredient, with a neutral flavour. Perfect for a range of snacking and bar applications.

  • Allows for clean label positioning
  • Delivers a reduction of bar hardening benefit.
  • Highly versatile - can be used in a variety of consumer food applications such as cereal inclusions, bars and snack foods.

Bars are just one of our many protein fortified food concepts. Talk to us to find out more about our range functional proteins, and their potential uses in applications such as protein puddings & baked goods.

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NZMP Lifestyle Probiotics with clinically researched benefits

Explore our lifestyle probiotics, NZMP BififdoB 019 (HN019TM) & LactoB 001 (HN001TM), which have been clinically shown to target digestive health and immunity. By addressing these key health concerns, our probiotics have the potential to appeal to a broad range of consumers, at every life stage.

Our probiotics can be used in a range of applications, but have been specially cultured to provide unique shelf-life stability and cost-effectiveness, in ready-to-mix powders and dry supplements (capsules, sticks, and sachets).

Discover our Grass-fed, New Zealand Dairy and Non-GMO claims for consumers

Consumers are trending towards natural, sustainable and ethical food production.  We can help you meet these needs with our NZMP claims program. 

Differentiate your business through our icons and claims for:

  • Grass-fed: help your consumers understand the dairy in your product comes from pasture-fed cows, as nature intended. 
  • Non-GMO Project Verified dairy ingredients (for North American Customers):  including a range of high-quality New Zealand proteins, butter, cheese, and milk powders
  • New Zealand Dairy: highlight New Zealand's natural beauty, purity & farming excellence.
  • NZMP Dairy: Leverage our trusted reputation & ingredient quality.

Connect with NZMP at Supply Side West 2019

Jim Lees

NZMP Regional Americas VP of Ingredient Sales
See Jim at the NZMP Booth | Booth 3208

Jim has deep expertise in the food industry with over 15 years of dairy experience in the US, LATAM, and EMEA regions. He has a deep understanding of the dairy ingredients market and how to help our customers drive the best value and quality products for their consumers.

James Dekker

Senior Research Scientist
See James at the NZMP Booth | Booth 3208

James started his career as a medical researcher studying immunology and genetics but has spent the last 20 years researching probiotics & leading our nutrition programmes. James has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and is a recognised specialist in his field. Come chat to James to learn about probiotic health benefits at Supply Side West 2019, booth 3208.

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