5th-8th June 2019

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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NZMP presented new research into MFGM proteins at ESPGHAN 2019

European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)

Our world-leading paediatric nutrition experts presented new research on the composition of the milkfat globule membrane (MFGM).

Understanding and identifying essential components from breast milk is vital to developing the best nutritional paediatric ingredients.

New findings on MFGM proteins helps us narrow the compositional and functional gap between breast milk and infant formula, using our SureStart™ MFGM Lipid ingredients.

MFGM proteins are minor proteins found in the MFGM of breast milk.  These proteins found in breast milk have important structural properties and bioactive roles such as anti-infective properties in the gut. 

They help protect against infections such as rotavirus which cause gastrointestinal infections.

New research findings on MFGM proteins

Using the latest analytical techniques, our leading scientists are able to characterise and quantify MFGM proteins from breast milk and cow’s milk-derived MFGM ingredients.

The findings from our most recent research show our award-winning ingredient, SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 100, has the closest profile of key MFGM proteins to breast milk.

Designed to meet infant health and development needs, MFGM Lipid ingredients help bring infant formula closer to breast milk composition, the gold standard for infant formula development.  Our decades of research into paediatric ingredients has been inspired by breast milk composition.

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Brain development is a key purchase driver for parents

New research shows parents are interested in a more holistic approach to managing their child’s nutrition, with brain development and cognition the lead benefit for infants under 12 months.1

An emerging body of science suggests that the key benefit of increasing the MFGM content of infant formula is to support brain development and cognition2, and to help immune protection3 and digestive health4. 

Our innovative SureStart™ MFGM Lipid ingredients are a source of complex lipids and other MFGM components, including gangliosides, phospholipids and MFGM proteins, that can be added to infant formula to help achieve a composition closer to breast milk.

With the introduction of our new ingredient, SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 70, made in the Netherlands, we now offer a range of MFGM Lipid ingredients providing infant formula manufacturers more formulation flexibility to develop new innovative infant formula products for consumers.

Key benefits of MFGM Lipids

  • Brain development and cognition: Complex lipids can play an important role in the brain and support cognitive development and visual function.2
  • Immune Protection: MFGM complex lipids help protect against infection in the gut.3
  • Digestive health: MFGM complex lipids help support the maturation and integrity of the gut.4

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Learn more about MFGM and infant development. 

Our latest white paper reviews our most recent pre-clinical and clinical studies.


Dr James Dekker

Programme Manager, Nutrition NTD - New Zealand

Dr James Dekker started his career as a medical researcher studying immunology and genetics, with stints at the Australian National University in Canberra and the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England.
For the last 20 years Dr Dekker has been working at Fonterra on probiotics and other bioactive ingredients including MFGM Lipids. During this time, he has been instrumental in shaping our clinical research in the probiotics space and has been the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles.
Dr Dekker is leading the development of strategic research programmes to understand the benefits of NZMP’s ingredients for paediatric and maternal health.

Bertram Fong

Senior Research Scientist, Food Design & Analysis - New Zealand

Bertram Fong is a senior research scientist, based in the Fonterra Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North, who has worked for Fonterra for close to 30 years.
He has a Master of Science (MSc) in Analytical Chemistry. As an analytical chemist, he has been at the forefront of developing the test methods for measuring the components of MFGM including their detailed chemical composition.
His most recent work on the proteins of MFGM has been presented at a number of high-profile scientific conferences. He continues to focus on the composition of breast milk and characterising MFGM proteins to further understand it better and potentially add these components into infant formula.

Kevin Ma

Associate Research Scientist, Food Design & Analysis - New Zealand

Kevin Ma is an associate research scientist, with a Master of Science (MSc) in Biochemistry.
Having been with Fonterra for 10 years, Kevin has a breadth of research experience on bio-active compounds such as phospholipids, gangliosides, oligosaccharides, cerebrosides and MFGM protein/peptides. His work on analytical methods has supported the wider programme of MFGM research including breastmilk, pre-clinical, and clinical studies and product surveys.
Kevin has been the author of several publications focused on MFGM Lipids in international journals, published under his Chinese name, Lin Ma.

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