NZMP at Fi Europe Connect 2020 Virtual Event

23rd November - 4th December 2020

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Wellness Innovation & Functional Ingredients at the Forefront 

2020 has brought a multitude of new challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with consumers experiencing increased stress levels due to heightened uncertainty. Many are looking for new ways to stay healthy due to less active lifestyles and the risk of gaining weight as a result.

NZMP delivers quality nutrition, helping to address the concerns of the day. NZMP's broad range of dairy ingredients have been extensively evaluated for their functionality and ability to deliver a range of consumer benefits. These include increased energy, supporting muscle recovery after exercise, weight management, and managing the effects of stress. They can be added to many applications, from healthy snacks to yogurts, desserts, low-calorie meal replacements & ready-to-mix protein powder. 

Fi Europe Connect is hosting a virtual event that will give you access to the global food and beverage ingredients industry, various tools, and numerous collaboration opportunities. 

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New: NZMP Milk Phospholipids range to manage the effects of stress 

NZMP Milk Phospholipids are complex lipids naturally present in milk as part of the milk fat globule membrane. Complex lipids are clinically proven to manage the effects of stress, helping maintain performance by staying focused and positive. 

Suitable for use as a standalone product, or as an addition to a range of applications for consumers seeking functional health benefits in their food and beverages. View our new concepts specially formulated for busy people who want to perform under stress while keeping on track with their health and wellness goals.

  • Stress-Buster Granola bar
  • Stress-Buster High Protein Dough bar 
  • ‘Brain & Body’ protein powder 
  • Stress-Buster supplement sachet 

Healthy snacking at it's best 

Our functional ingredients and extensive SureProtein™ portfolio allow for high-protein versions of a wide range of popular applications, including bars, pancakes, puddings, delightful bakery food and ice creams. The aim is to help people keep pace with their busy lives without sacrificing their health goals or curiosity for new ingredients, flavours or formats.

View our range of nutritional bar concepts made with SureProtein™ Flexbar 515 Whey Protein Concentrate, SoftBar 1000 Milk Protein Isolate & Shortbar 825 Lactalbumin Whey Protein Isolate among others & try out our Build My Bar tool for guidance on deciding which NZMP ingredients are best for your nutrition bar requirements. 

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Watch on Demand: Cognitive Development with MFGM Lipids

Infant cognitive development, protection & digestive health

Just three of our focus areas where our comprehensive range of SureStart™ paediatric nutrition ingredients and solutions enable you to innovate and differentiate your infant formula portfolio. Extensively researched and clinically proven ingredients for a Trusted Start to Life.

Hear more about our how our SureStart™ MFGM lipids help to support brain development and cognition in infants from Angela Rowan - NZMP Marketing & Innovation Manager, Paediatric Nutrition.

Our selected probiotic strains are clinically tested to help protect against infections and other health conditions including colds & flu, eczema, and other childhood illnesses.

Unprecedented flexibility in purified protein fractions

An ultra-purified protein provides versatility in practice. This, in turn, provides options for consumers who suffer from taste fatigue the most – elderly and patients. SureProtein WPI895 and SureProtein WPI8855 provide optionality with their low mineral content, high protein, and very low fat and lactose content, whilst still being a robust option for processing.

Consider WPI8855 and WPI895 in the following concepts:


Laura Dijkstra de Jong

Technical Innovation Manager, Europe
Wednesday 25 November, 14:00 (CET)

Join Laura as she explains why Fonterra considers milk phospholipids to be underappreciated, based off ample scientific evidence showing the health benefits that phospholipids offer across life stages. Laura will also delve into the different ways in which these ingredients can be applied to various food and beverage applications, including supplements.

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