NZMP at Vitafoods 2022

10-12 May 2022

Palexpo - Geneva, Switzerland | Stand #C152

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Discover more about our innovations to meet the growing consumer demand for holistic health and wellbeing.

Including solutions to achieving beauty from within, easily increasing daily protein consumption, promoting gut health and enhancing cognition.

NZMP will be showcasing four product concepts at Vitafoods 2022:

  • Single serve lactoferrin supplement sachets
  • Probiotics LactoB 001 and BifidoB 0019 in capsule format
  • High protein strawberry and banana smoothie
  • Vitamin and mineral fortified high protein mango drink

Exciting active ingredients that target growing trends, such as beauty from within and immunity

The relationship between diet, beauty and health is increasing, with consumers across the world becoming more interested in edible solutions in their quest for beautiful skin1

This is connected to consumers' desire for more natural solutions, as they look to avoid unnecessary chemicals, and find ways to achieve beauty benefits that don't involve topically applied cosmetics.

It's no surprise then that more companies are focusing on clinically assessed active ingredients that quickly deliver visible results to consumers. 


of European consumers said that they were satisfied with their skin health


said they recognise the link between good skin health and good overall health, with dry skin and acne being top concerns2

Immune health concerns also continue to be front of mind for consumers globally, fuelled by the pandemic. Increasingly stressful and busier lifestyles, polluted environments and unhealthy diets are also contributing to an increase in health concerns. In an era of heightened health consciousness, consumers are taking action to bolster their immunity and improve their overall wellness and quality of life.  


of global consumers surveyed considered immunity to be important to their health3


Lactoferrin, an antioxidant protein naturally found in milk in very low concentrations, has been shown to have a range of health benefits linked to with skin health, immunity and iron absorption. Lactoferrin has been demonstrated to support skin health through its anti-inflammatory properties, and immunity through its antioxidant properties – giving it the ability to protect from certain infections. Everyone needs iron, and some people are more at risk of not having enough iron in their diets to meet their needs, such as adolescent females, pre-menopausal females, pregnant women, athletes, and vegetarians.

Lactoferrin, is an exciting emerging ingredient which is increasingly available in more traditional formats such as capsules, tablets and sachets – while also being used as an added benefit ingredient in fortified active living products such as protein powders and protein yoghurts. 

Lactoferrin is a versatile ingredient which can help to reach the growing consumer group looking for help with supporting their immune system and enhancing skin health.

Increasing awareness of the link between digestive health and illness is bringing gut products back into focus

Consumers are also becoming more aware of the impact that gut health can have on wellbeing in a broader sense.


of global consumers are recognising the link between the immune system and the digestive health system4


Probiotics have a well-known effect in the support of digestive and gut comfort, reducing risk of certain types of infections, and the promotion of skin and mental health. It is important and scientifically more accurate to note that specific probiotic strains deliver specific health benefits, and specific strains are only effective against specific infections. NZMP LactoB  HN001TM and BifidoB 0HN019TM are well researched strains with a range of published benefits.

Probiotic fortification of new and familiar product formats offers the opportunity to reach new consumers and enable them to get their daily dose without changing their routine. Utilising NZMP’s understanding of strain stability, intimate knowledge of each strain’s specific benefits , and decades of experience with microbial cultures, is critical to using probiotics effectively in these new formats and bringing the possible health benefits consumers are looking for.

Growing demand amongst time-pressed consumers for on-the-go, nutritious and filling drinks

The ability to increase protein availability to consumers in ready-to-drink formats, and with a great taste and texture, enables the convenient delivery of essential amino acids to support the maintenance of lean muscle mass. 

A higher protein intake also has a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Better appetite control to help consumers feel satisfied and prevent hunger for longer
  • Providing a metabolic boost, with protein burning more kilojoules and preventing the slowing of metabolism which occurs when you lose weight
  • Reduced food cravings, where a high protein diet through the day can reduce late night cravings
  • Improved body composition with greater fat loss and less muscle loss.

Through our long history in dairy innovation, NZMP have an in-depth understanding of fundamental dairy science. We have developed a range of innovative, premium dairy ingredients that deliver superior flavour, texture and taste with the functionality consumers want. 

In RTD format, our proteins cover three ranges for different performance requirements and a variety of end-product protein levels:

  1. a high protein content in a low viscosity environment
  2. texture boosting for a more indulgent mouthfeel
  3. high quality protein for everyday formulations.

By using specific combinations of our protein ingredients, customers can also limit their ingredients list and offer a clean label product, an attribute that is increasingly sought out by consumers. 

Visit us on stand to sample our concepts and explore how you can create a unique competitive advantage in the growing holistic wellbeing space.

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Connect with the NZMP team at Vitafoods Geneva

Rachel Marshall

NZMP Technical Engagement Manager, Active Living
SEMINAR DETAILS: 10-12 May 2022 | STAND #C152

With 20 years of experience in dairy ingredient solutions and a passion for sports and active nutrition, Rachel is a wealth of knowledge on the market and how to use protein ingredients to offer great taste and texture across a range of applications. She works closely with global sales teams and customers to speed up innovation and new customer product launches.

Join Rachel at Vitafoods Europe 2022, where she will be talking about emerging solutions that supports holistic wellbeing.

Angus Rowland

NZMP Sales Manager, Active Living
Palexpo - Geneva, Switzerland | Stand #C152

Angus joined Fonterra in 2013, and worked in a range of manufacturing leadership roles before joining the European team in 2018 focusing on our functional and specialty ingredients portfolio. With a chemical engineering and dairy science background, Angus uses his strong technical knowledge to advise and support active living customers across Europe. With a particular focus on specialty ingredients and the application of whey/milk proteins into functional foods, Angus is able to support customers looking for holistic wellbeing solutions.

Odile Conan

NZMP Technical Innovation Manager, Active Living
Palexpo - Geneva, Switzerland | Stand #C152

Odile has been in the food industry for more than 25 years, holding different roles in various major dairy ingredients companies across Europe. She has a strong background and expertise in B2B marketing, product innovation and an in-depth knowledge about the application of protein ingredients. Odile joined the team of Fonterra Europe in 2018 and currently leads the technical innovation team, supporting our customers to innovate across Europe.

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