NZMP at ASPEN 2020

12th August 2020

Tampa, Florida | Stand 522

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Pioneering nutritional solutions for patients and healthy agers

Join us at ASPEN where we showcase great tasting, nutritious medical foods and beverages helping patients to meet their inflated dietary needs.



Elderly woman in a wheelchair

A growing number of malnourished patients and an ageing population are driving the demand for medical nutrition

NZMP has developed a new, highly specialised unit to formulate a range of dairy nutrition solutions to help people recovering from disease and illness at all stages of life, and for those who want to take preventative actions for the benefit of their health as they age.

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Hear from the experts at ASPEN 2020

Michael Tieland

PhD in Protein and Physical Activity in Ageing
SEMINAR DETAILS: 20TH MARCH 2020, 10.15AM - 11.00AM

Mike has a PhD from Wageningen University in protein and physical activity in ageing.
His focus is on developing strategies to augment muscle mass in the elderly through human intervention studies.

MaryAnne Drake

PhD, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor at NCSU
SEMINAR DETAILS: 20TH MARCH 2020, 10.15AM - 11.00AM

MaryAnne Drake is a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor at NCSU, with 270 peer-reviewed manuscripts published primarily in food processing and flavour.

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