Webinar Available On Demand: Better Your Bar

Watch our panel of experts on demand and discover insights on the European nutritional bar market.

21 Oct 2020

5 min

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The nutritional bar market is growing rapidly, and many consumers are looking to protein bars for a nutritious snack on the go. Targeting everyone from mainstream consumers to high-performance athletes, bar brands are working hard to deliver solutions with broad appeal.

We've recently extended our bar portfolio with three new ingredients for high-protein low sugar bar formulations

Be the first to get insight on how to use NZMP ingredients for the best nutrition bar formulations. 

In this webinar, you will:
  • Get insights into the rapidly evolving nutritional bar market
  • Ask questions to our selected nutrition experts on strategy and innovation
  • Learn how to differentiate your product in the bar space
  • Discover the range of functionality our NZMP SureProteinTM ingredients offer


Don’t have time to watch the recording? Take 2 minutes to read our 7 summary notes:

1. There is no one-size-fits-all for bars but protein still reigns as top trends

Consumers are purchasing a diverse variety of snacking and nutrition bars to fit their needs, there is no one bar type that delivers to everyone. Yet whatever the type of bar, protein continues to be a key factor of bar choice (both protein amount and protein source) and there are a variety of different sources of proteins available.

2. Not all proteins are created equal

To provide the substrate for building and maintaining muscle mass to support physical performance, our bodies need a range of essential amino acids (EAA’s) that can only be supplied through protein in our diet. Dairy protein is a high quality, complete protein high in EAA’s, making it an ideal ingredient for formulating bars that not only taste great but deliver the best quality protein nutrition.

3. Healthy bars with functional benefits on the rise

Consumers are becoming increasingly active and therefore driven toward better-for-you bars that offer functional benefits that support them to keep on track with their health and performance goals. We are seeing an increasing number of bar launches that address expanding consumer benefits areas such as immunity, digestive health and sleep enhancement, indicating potential to innovate further in these areas.

4. Blending ingredients to overcome manufacturing challenges

It takes more than simply adding protein when formulating bars. Mainstream consumers expect great taste, texture and the right nutrition, which can be challenging especially at higher protein levels. This challenge can typically be overcome by blending protein ingredients and/or adding inclusions.

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New ingredients launched for high protein, low sugar bar formulations

5. Dairy ingredients for all bar formats

Fonterra has extensively evaluated the textural characteristics of a wide variety of ingredients to form its new NZMP bar ingredients portfolio. We can help brands formulate great tasting bars that deliver a range of consumer benefits, including increased energy, supporting muscle recovery after exercise, providing low-calorie meal replacement solutions, and even offering healthy indulgence snacking.

6. Opportunity for novel innovation in the bar market

Our panel is excited to see what is to come in the bar space! They challenge the nutrition bar industry to be innovative and come up with unique concepts and propositions that deliver on the ever-growing variety of consumer nutritional and health benefit demands.

7. COVID-19 pandemic impact

As consumers seek ways to restore their health, they could return to the basics of good nutrition, seeking products/ingredients that bolster personal health and aid in reducing the effects of stress. Many consumers are likely to gain weight from being less active and seeking comfort from food during the COVID-19 crisis. Weight loss products could see a revival. Accelerated research and interest in the microbiome as ways to strengthen immunity, is expected. Products with functional benefits are expected to become more popular than classic comfort foods.

Learn about our panel of experts

Akhil Eashwar Aiyar

Market Analyst | Innova Market Insights

Akhil Eashwar Aiyar is a Market Analyst at Innova Market Insights, an international market intelligence and research company that tracks innovations and developments within the food and beverage industry. Akhil holds a Master’s degree in Food Technology. In his role, Akhil combines his academic knowledge, analytical skills, and experience in food technology, to provide the insights needed to succeed in the dynamic food and beverage industry.

Rachel Marshall

Technical Engagement Manager | NZMP Sports and Active Lifestyles

With 20 years' experience in dairy ingredient solutions and a passion for sports and active nutrition, Rachel is a wealth of knowledge on the market and how to use protein ingredients to offer great taste and texture across a range of applications. She works closely with global sales teams and customers to speed up innovation and new consumer product launches.

Nick Morgan

Data & Innovation consultant

Nick works closely with companies in the sport, active and lifestyle nutrition regarding their approach to innovation, with a particular focus on protein bars and drinks. Nick began his career as an exercise physiologist in elite sport before working at GSK and then subsequently establishing his own company. Nick’s primary focus in on how our understanding of science, the consumer and the market integrates to underpin business strategy and innovation.

Starla Paulsen

Food Industry Consultant

Starla Paulsen obtained a master's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Wyoming in 1998. Throughout her career, she has specialized in formulation and troubleshooting in manufacturing plants with proteins of all types, especially in Nutritional Bars. From 2002-2011, Starla managed the Applications Department at Glanbia Nutritionals, Inc. and has worked with nearly all major sports nutrition companies, marketing companies and bar manufacturers.

Angus Rowland

Sales Manager | NZMP Sports and Active Lifestyles

Angus joined Fonterra in 2013, working in manufacturing leadership roles before joining the European technical team in 2018, focussing on functional & specialty ingredients portfolio. With strong technical knowledge, Angus currently supports and advises Fonterra’s European sports & active lifestyle customers in a Sales managers capacity on the application of whey/milk proteins, pre/pro-biotics ingredients into functional foods. Angus holds a masters degree in dairy science.

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