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2nd - 5th June 2021


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Come and discover the insights and science behind SureStart™

NZMP is excited to be taking part in the 6th World Congress of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (WCPGHAN) as we have a lot to share with you from our virtual stand. 


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Discover our latest scientific research findings

For over 60 years, research into breastmilk composition has driven innovation in paediatric nutrition. Our experts have been at the forefront, so join us to hear about our latest findings in MFGM and probiotics .

Latest findings, shown as e-posters:

  • MFGM supplementation as a source of Gangliosides and Phospholipids in infancy.  The clincal trial in Chinese infants provides evidence that MFGM supports various aspects of brain developement and cognition. Written by Dr. James Dekker (N-eP-063)
  • How LactoB HN001TM supports immunity. Looking at the effect of LactoB HN001TM in the upper intestine as part of its impact on immune function. Written by Wayne Young (N-eP-130)
  • MFGM and its impacts on different brain regions. Providing insight into the mechanisms underpinning changes in brain function and cognition with MFGM consumption. Written by Karl Fraser (N-eP-064)

Join us for our Industry Forum Session

We have amassed a wealth of knowledge about what Chinese parents seek for their children's nutrition.  Hear how our speciality ingredients address parents’ needs in this forum:


Key factors for success in China's paediatric nutrition market

Speaker: Angela Rowan

Marketing & Business Development Manager, NZMP Paediatric Nutrition

Thursday 03 June: 09:00 CET


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Angela Rowan: Science backed ingredient innovation

As the world adapts to COVID-19, more people are increasing their focus on health and wellness and immunity.  They are looking for products with evidence to back up these health claims.

Discover our innovative paediatric nutrition ingredients

  • Our award winning SureStart™ MFGM Lipids help to support brain development and cognition in infants. Brain development is often cited as one of the most important considerations of parents, and a top purchase driver of infant formula. 
  • An extensively studied probiotic, SureStart™ BifidoB HN019™ is clinically tested to support the body’s defence against the viral infections of colds and flu, and protect against common childhood illnesses.
  • Our probiotic SureStart LactoB HN001™ is clinically tested to protect against eczema and reduce the risk of respiratory allergies such as hay fever and rhinitis in infants and young children.  Providing support for maternal wellbeing, it may also help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and postnatal depression.
  • SureStart™ Lactoferrin is clinically proven to boost your immune system.  It may help protect against infection, improve immunity and support digestive or gut health.

Lactoferrin - naturally found in milk to support immunity

Lactoferrin is a protein naturally present in breast milk, and is highest in early lactation to provide enhanced protection, when a baby’s immune system is yet to develop.


It is an iron-binding protein which gives it a rich pink colour. 

Several studies in infants who consumed Lactoferrin-supplemented infant formula have shown the following key outcomes:​

  • A more beneficial gut microflora1
  • Protection against respiratory tract infections2
  • Improved iron status3

NZMP SureStartTM has the flexibility of New Zealand or European sourced high purity bioactive lactoferrin in both 90% or 95% specifications.


Angela Rowan

Marketing and Business Development Manager, NZMP Paediatrics

Angela has worked in nutrition at Fonterra for 30 years. Currently Marketing & Business Development Manager in Fonterra’s NZMP paediatric ingredients division, responsible for product innovation. Previous roles include GM Nutrition and Health Platform Manager in consumer maternal and paediatric nutrition. Angela is a registered nutritionist, and past President NZ Nutrition Society.

Wayne Young

Senior Scientist, AgResearch

Dr. Wayne Young is a Senior Scientist at AgResearch where he investigates the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease, and how these may be influenced by diet. Wayne has a PhD in microbiology from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, and is an Associate Investigator at the Riddet Institute Centre of Research Excellence at Massey University.

Bertram Fong

Senior Research Scientist, Food Design and Analysis

Bertram Fong has been employed in the New Zealand dairy industry since 1989 and is currently a Senior Scientist in the Fonterra Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North. His research interests are primarily around development of mass spectrometric methods used to characterise and quantify bioactive and minor components in bovine milk, human breast milk and milk formulations, including the components of the milk fat globule membrane.

Karl Fraser

Senior Scientist, AgResearch

Dr. Karl Fraser is a Senior Scientist at AgResearch performing metabolomics on nutritional intervention studies in humans and animals. Karl has a PhD in chemistry from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is an Associate Investigator in the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge and an affiliated researcher at the Riddet Institute Centre of Research Excellence at Massey University.

  • [1] Wakabayashi et al 2006; Kawaguchi et al 1989
  • [2] Chen et al 2016, King et al 2007
  • [3] King et al 2007

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