NZMP Gold Sponsors at the 2021 Sports and Active Nutrition Summit Europe

12-14 October 2021

21 Sep 2021

2 min

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We're proud to partner with the Sports & Active Nutrition Europe 2021 Digital Summit which aims to bridge the gaps between cutting edge science, business strategy and key regulatory developments.

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We've ensured a good mix of Sales, Technical and Marketing collegues to meet and share in all aspects of helping you to innovate in this fast-moving market, for today’s health and wellness seeking consumer. *If you're already a NZMP customer, please contact your account manager for a 25% discount code

The Summit has an exciting program packed full of keynote presentations, on-demand content, dynamic panel discussions and live Q&A segments. New networking features enable you to schedule 1-1 meetings with fellow attendees and interact with us at our sponsor hub. Explore a variety of topics, including: sports nutrition 2.0, a state of the nation; the future of innovation; protecting the gut; adjacent opportunities; and defining recovery.

In a recently conducted Consumer Wellness Index survey covering both the French and German markets, a majority of consumers agree that being healthy involves both mental and physical aspects of their health, signaling that wellness is a holistic endeavor.

Besides promoting physical wellness, nutritional products should also support  mental wellbeing. The majority of consumers struggle to incorporate healthy food into their diets, particularly when it comes to being on-the-go. This was also a common theme amongst consumers surveyed in the US & UK1.

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Sports nutrition is much more than just performance. If you're not healthy, you can't perform.

At NZMP our goal is to assist your consumers in the restless pursuit of nutrition’s potential for longer, more fulfilling, healthier lives. Due to our 100+ year history in the nutritional ingredient business, we have a diverse range of offerings and expert advice for your tailored solutions in: Mental wellness , Immunity support and Physical performance & recovery

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  • [1] IPSOS l Fonterra, Consumer Wellness Research (September 2021).

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