NZMP at Fi China - June 2021

8-10th June 2021

Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center  
Hall 2.1 Stand 21H10/21J11

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Discover our innovative dairy ingredients for post-pandemic health & wellness demand in China. 

As consumers adapt to the “Next-Normal” post COVID-19, health and immunity have surged in importance. Including recognising the need to prioritise mental wellness. Globally, 60% of those surveyed stated they have become more conscious about their overall health as a result of COVID-191

In China, 47% of consumers are now looking for foods that will boost their immune health more frequently2

NZMP have the insights, expertise and ingredients to help you in meeting this growing demand in China. You can visit us on-stand at Fi China 2021, or learn more about the products we are showcasing below. 


Explore our range of ingredients and solutions on stand:


Protein Yoghurt with NZMP SureProtein™ WPC510 Flow 

Increase the protein in your cultured products without compromising the flavour, viscosity and texture.


Thin and thick ambient yoghurt concepts made with SureProtein™ WPC510 Flow will be available on our stand at Fi China '21. 


Discover which NZMP ingredients work best for your cultured application needs with our online product selector

Indulgent Protein Beverage with NZMP Frozen Cream 

NZMP frozen cream is an all-natural product. Fast-frozen after manufacture to retain its delicious creamy taste, it is ideal in applications like the creamy protein beverage availble to try on-stand. 

High Protein Flavored Milk

Consumers are recognising the health benefits of dairy proteins. Discover how NZMP MPC's can be used in a variety of applications, including flavoured milks. 


Coffee flavoured milk will be available to try on-stand. 

58% of consumers ages 20-49 in China believe probiotics boost immunity*

NZMP’s unique probiotic strains enable appeal to consumers through digestive health and immunity positioning. 


Come to our stand to sample Probiotic Chocolate and Sachets made with NZMP LactoB HN001™ and BifidoB HN019™. (*Mintel)

Discover the new NZMP Milk Phospholipid 70 

Clinically proven to manage the effects of stress, our newest Milk Phospholipid ingredient range can be used in a variety of applications such as nutritional bars, ready-to-mix powders, and supplement sachets.

Dairy Protein Ingredients for all Bar Formats.  

NZMP's range for protein bars are formulated to consumers expectations of good taste, texture and nutrition. 


Try our concepts on-stand, including; 

Claim Cognition with NZMP SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 70

NZMP SureStart™ MFGM Lipid 70 is a source of key MFGM components such as gangliosides and phospholipids. It is backed by science to support brain development and cognition in infants and young children.  It can be added to paediatric formulas to help increase the MFGM content to more closely match the levels found naturally in human breast milk.

SureStart™ Paediatric Nutritional Base Powders

Our refreshed paediatric nutritional base powder portfolio is designed to meet consumers’ increasing needs and health benefits.  


We have developed 5 premium choices to help you differentiate your brand from competitors and support a premium positioning to include; Digestive Health, Immunity & Protection, Brain & Cognitive Development or Organics.  

NZMP SureStart™ Probiotics

SureStart™ BifidoB HN019™ is clinically tested to support the body’s defence against colds, flu and common childhood illnesses. SureStart™ LactoB HN001™ is clinically tested to protect against eczema and reduce the risk of respiratory allergies such as hay fever and rhinitis.  Our probiotics are approved for use in foods for infants and young Children in China. 

Natural New Zealand Made Cheese for Shredding, Slicing and Cubing. 

NZMP Cheese is award winning – and we have a selection of our natural cheeses to showcase at Fi China that are perfect for a range of formats including shredding, slicing and cubing.

Processed Cheese Made with Quality NZMP Ingredients.

Through decades of research and development, we’ve built an extensive knowledge of the science and needs of processed cheese. 


Cheese Lollipops and String Cheese will be showcased on-stand.  


Discover which NZMP ingredients work best for your processed cheese needs with our online product selector

New Carbon Zero Ingredients

Globally, 72% of consumers are interested in brands that communicate achievements around sustainability. 

Achieving carbonzero™ certification for products like Organic Butter is a great way for us to help our customers and the environment in the short-term, while we work towards net zero in our operations.

Sustainable On-Pack Claims

Consumers are trending towards natural, sustainable and ethical food production. NZMP offers a range on on-pack sustainable claims, including Grass-Fed & Made with New Zealand Milk. 

Learn about NZMP's New Zealand Farming Practices

In addition to showcasing the opportunities for dairy ingredients at our stand, NZMP will be highlighting how customers can capitalize on NZMP’s New Zealand advantage via an interactive Augmented Reality Farm experience where visitors can see New Zealand Dairy like never before.

Secure Price Certainty & Supply Security 

Dairy ingredient price and supply uncertainty can affect your business planning and performance.

NZMP’s Risk & Commercial Solutions allow you to secure dairy ingredient price certainty and supply security.

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