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Before we start, where are you on your own sustainability journey?  


1. Is your business going to undertake sustainability actions this year?

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OK. Perhaps you might like to see our latest sustainability updates and information.
Yes, that sounds like us ↓    

2. Do you have emission reduction ambitions and are they communicated to staff, customers, investors and/or suppliers? 

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It looks like you may be assessing your overall sustainability ambitions and targets - here is some guidance you may find helpful.
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3. OK, are those ambitions expressed as clear targets, and do you have what you need to achieve them?

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That's great, because we can provide emissions footprint information for our New Zealand sourced NZMP products - register to receive carbon footprint certificates for NZMP ingredients.
Yes, that sounds like us ↓    
Seems you are well on the way. You might like to look at our Climate Roadmap: Our strategy to netzero 2050    
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If you prefer to browse, here are some direct links to the content.

Identifying your Priorities
Setting ambition and targets 
NZMP™ Carbon Footprinter 
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Find out how Fonterra is exploring the possible benefits of seaweed in reducing on-farm methane emissions.

We talk with María Mascaraque from Euromonitor International on how plant-based alternatives continue to make headway as an increased number of consumers choose vegetarian, vegan & flexitarian lifestyles. 

Learn how Fonterra is encouraging sustainable thinking on dairy farms with the 'Co-operative Difference Payment'.

Hear from Dr Jeremy Hill on the mission to reduce global carbon emissions from dairy, & how Fonterra New Zealand has measured and achieved a low on-farm carbon footprint.

Discover how Fonterra’s ‘Living Water’ partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC) is committed to sustainable farming & improvement of New Zealand's freshwater sources.

Discover how Owl Farm achieves sustainable dairy farming practices whilst growing its profits.

How whey protein turned from a waste product to a nutritional powerhouse with expertise and innovation.

Sarah English, a Fonterra Sustainable Dairying Advisor, talks to us about her role in supporting dairy farmers and their sustainability journey.

At Fonterra, we’re committed to producing dairy nutrition in a way that cares for people, animals, the environment, and the community.

Our NZMP insights team have been hard at work and have identified the top five trends for the dairy industry in 2019

Fonterra released its second annual sustainabilty report, showing where Fonterra is at, and where it needs to be.

Premier Nutrition has selected Fonterra's NZMP as their 'Good Energy' Partner of the Year in recognition of how our company values giving back to the community. 

Our first standalone Sustainability Report covering our sustainability commitments, targets and performance.

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