Commercial solutions

Trading term options for dairy customers

As a world leader in dairy, we understand the commercial needs of our customers and have a range of ways to help you purchase NZMP ingredients.

Trade term solutions

We offer flexible trade term solutions, so you can benefit from terms that are advantageous to your business model. Our flexibility is matched by transparency, so you can appraise the costs and benefits simply and accurately. 

By setting the trade terms that match your business needs, you can potentially cut the cost of borrowing, have more money to invest elsewhere and plan your cash-flow with more certainty.

Reverse factoring

For larger enterprises with a strong track record, this can be a highly cost-effective way to improve working capital and cash-flow. Leveraging your reputation and existing credit lines, you can lower the cost of financing. For suitable partners, we’re open to new contract arrangements.

Fonterra sales network

Our knowledgeable and experienced global sales teams are on the ground working with customers in partnerships to achieve optimal business outcomes. Our account managers will work with customers to manage risk through supply contracts and supply chain solutions.

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