Safety and quality

Natural dairy goodness delivered with care

We understand the importance of food safety and quality when it comes to choosing your business partner in dairy ingredients. That’s why everything we produce is subject to the most rigorous testing and compliance standards across all of our global operations.


At peak production, we conduct 20,000 quality tests on our milk and ingredients every single day. Every year, around 2,000 audits are performed on our production facilities, and having ensured their safe production, NZMP products have a comprehensive anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident packaging standard. 

Our food safety and quality risk management framework ensures we identify and remain ahead of emerging food safety risks. Milk quality audits and improvement programmes are carried out in all countries where we source milk.

Fonterra operates an approved supplier programme using a risk-based approval process which incorporates certification schemes recognised through the Global Food Safety Initiative.  The programme ensures we operate a robust and safe approval process for procured ingredients, packaging and third-party sourced dairy ingredients.