Seizing the milk protein opportunity

Healthier diets and rising incomes are factors driving growth of the global protein ingredients market

An increasing number of consumers are looking for specific nutritional benefits in their foods, and this includes turning to protein for the benefits of muscle maintenance and recovery, as well as weight management.

This is positioning protein more mainstream, moving away from its typical use by the likes of bodybuilders and top level athletes.

To seize this huge opportunity, Fonterra sponsored this year’s NIZO Protein Dairy Conference in Singapore, which looked at growing opportunities in the milk protein market. Two of our leading scientists from the Fonterra Research and Development Centre, Skelte Anema and Aveenash Bala, headlined the conference and spoke about different protein applications including the use of protein in ready-to-drink beverages.

Hamish Gowans, Fonterra’s General Manager of NZMP Ingredients for South & East Asia, says the conference was a fantastic opportunity to engage with delegates from across the food industry, discussing the growth in the global protein market led by health conscious consumers, and how Fonterra is leading the drive with its NZMP ingredient solutions.

“Fonterra is well known for our whole milk and skim milk powders, but companies may not be as familiar with our higher value, more advanced ingredient solutions. The conference provided us with a great opportunity to speak to delegates on the wide range of innovative ingredients we offer.”

“We also had a great response to our virtual reality headsets which were an exciting way to bring to life for the delegates the unique New Zealand farming story and the advantages of New Zealand’s lush pastures, and our dairy expertise.

Fonterra offers the largest range of dairy protein ingredients in the industry marketed under our NZMP SureProteinTM brand. The co-op’s NZMP ingredients customers use protein in a wide range of food and beverage products including cheese, beverages, yoghurt snacks and other nutrition products.