Convenient new AMF 15 Litre convenience pack

99.9% pure milk fat, rich in dairy flavour and creaminess in a new smaller size, providing simplicity and stability to create the ultimate in AMF convenience

At Fonterra, we’re always innovating to find the best NZMP solutions for our customers. We recognised an increasing demand for AMF packaging that was more convenient and flexible, so we developed the AMF 15 Litre Convenience Pack.

Manufactured by separation and inversion of fresh cream, our AMF is virtually free of moisture. It gives a natural dairy flavour and creaminess to finished products and is the perfect high quality fat ingredient for a broad range of applications such as chocolate, confectionery products, ice cream mixes and cheese processing.

Our latest innovation can be stored ambient, allowing you to have great-tasting AMF for up to 18 months. This means that we can continue to deliver the unmatched quality, consistency and rich dairy flavour of our AMF to a wide range of customers all around the world.

The 15 Litre Convenience Pack is a perfect solution for customers that are unable to process, manoeuvre and store our bulk AMF packaging options, or for those who simply want to trial our AMF without committing to larger quantities.

A cost-effective alternative for butter customers, it has the added convenience of not having a chilled supply chain.


Key Characteristics

  • 99.9% milk fat
  • Ambient when stored at 15-20 degrees
  • Imparts great dairy flavour
  • 13.5kg net weight of AMF
  • Dimensions: 293mm (h), 228mm (w), 285mm (d)
  • Extra strong cardboard construction for easy stacking
  • Light and oxygen exclusion bag inside for maximum

If you want to learn more about the AMF 15L Convenience Pack, download our product summary here