Ice cream

Quality ingredients made from New Zealand milk

Consumers today have a high standard for ice cream, and want to choose from a variety of tasty, natural options – including low fat varieties.

No one understands the market better than we do, which has helped us develop a range of ingredients that will help you achieve premium performance for your ice cream.

Buy from the experts

Why wouldn’t you buy your ice cream ingredients from the people who make award-winning ice creams themselves? We have decades of experience making much-loved ice cream and leveraging NZMP ingredients to deliver exceptional value and performance.  In addition to our standard ingredients, we have a range of functional solutions that slow melt, protect against heat shock, and act as emulsifier or egg replacers.  We have a deep and diverse understanding of what you need from your ice cream ingredients, and can offer versatile options such as milk protein concentrates and other ingredient specifications whether they be a higher fat decadence product, a low-fat high protein product or more natural options.

Whatever your goals, we can support you to improve performance, reduce costs and remain at the forefront of consumer trends.

Nothing beats the quality of our range

Our ingredients are made from fresh New Zealand milk, delivering the natural creamy New Zealand flavour our customers have come to love. We continue to add more to our range thanks to our ongoing focus on innovation. Everything you’ve heard about New Zealand milk – milked fresh from pasture-fed cows – is true. It really does provide the background for the most high performing, delicious dairy ingredients.

Expertise in ice cream

We offer the choice, quality and specialty options that allow you to create exactly the ice cream you want

Versatility and flexibility

With over 100 ingredients, we’ll work with you to find the ideal ingredient solution

Quality dairy for better baked goods

Made in New Zealand with fresh milk from cows who graze on lush grass