Repack cheese and butter

Top quality cheeses and butters made from fresh milk from grass-fed cows

It’s all about the milk. All our butter and cheese products are made with milk from cows grazing on the lush, green pastures of New Zealand.

If you want the best quality, best tasting butter and cheese, look no further. Backed by our expertise and long history of innovation, we’re the perfect providers of butters and cheeses for repack.

The widest range of New Zealand cheese and butter

Made from natural, fresh milk, New Zealand-sourced cheese and butter is the number one preferred flavour profile in our target markets. 

We’ve crafted our diverse, award-winning range of cheeses and butters carefully, to represent sought-after styles around the world. This includes a unique range of cheese varieties and maturities, in many formats – and even products you’ll find nowhere else – such as our Taupo cheese  for the Asian palate.

You can’t beat our expertise

We know all about the performance and quality of our butters and our cheeses, because we use them ourselves for our own brands. This not only drives us to create the absolute best quality ingredients, it also gives us a unique understanding of the functionality required. That’s why you’ll find such a diverse and high-performing range to choose from.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work with you to find the optimum product for your flavour and functional requirements. 

Diverse range for any repack requirement

Select from our range ready for repack, or we’ll help you create a final solution

Efficiency and experience

Reliable performance and world-class expertise

Made from New Zealand milk

Milk from grass-fed cows is higher in omega-3 and CLA fats, vitamin E and beta-carotene than milk from grain-fed cows