NZMP to share protein expertise at FIA 2017

Fonterra Nutritionist Mindy Wigzell shares her expertise on the benefits of dairy protein

With the surging interest in fitness and nutrition across the globe, protein is moving from the realm of body building into the mainstream. Join Mindy Wigzell, Senior Dairy Nutritionist at Fonterra, for an insightful and engaging presentation on how NZMP can help you make the most of the protein trend. Our latest consumer market research has shown that protein awareness is growing, and the understanding of its nutritional benefits are being recognised across all life stages. Dairy is recognised as nature’s ultimate source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids which the body cannot make on its own, to support the growth and maintenance of muscle.  

Many companies are looking for ways to premiumise their products and extend the application of protein into different consumer formats, in order to capitalise on the opportunities presented through consumers’ demands. NZMP has several new ingredient and solution focused innovations which can enable companies seeking protein innovations and expertise deliver on varying market opportunities. 

You can hear from Mindy Wigzell about dairy as nature’s ultimate source of protein at FIA Thailand 2017 on the 13th and 14th September 2017, from 12 to 12.30pm in Seminar Room 5.

About Mindy Wigzell

Originally from New Zealand, Mindy pursued her love of food and nutrition in the United Kingdom and qualified as a dietitian in 2008 following completion of her BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics from King’s College, London. 

After graduating, Mindy worked as a clinical dietitian, helping to care for patients in intensive care and elderly wards, where she learned first-hand the importance of dairy protein. In 2010, she worked as a catering dietitian where she could support patients across a wide range of issues including malnutrition, kidney disease, cancer, digestive disorders and swallowing difficulties.

In 2012, after nearly 12 years in London, Mindy returned to New Zealand and joined Fonterra as an Innovation Nutritionist.  Her role has included developing nutrition guidelines, using nutrition insights to help identify consumer needs and educating consumers on the role of dairy as part of a healthy lifestyle.