NZMP butter wins award

Success at recent Champion of Cheese show in New Zealand. 

NZMP Salted and Unsalted Butter picked up two Champion butter awards at the recent Champion of Cheese Award show in New Zealand.  Both were commended by the judging panel for their aroma and good flavour.  Also successful, was NZMP Cream Cheese, picking up an award in the Fresh Unripened Cheese category.

Now in its 14th year, the New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards are held annually by the NZ Specialist Cheese Association to honour excellence in cheese making.  This year, butter and yoghurt categories were added, acknowledging the importance of these dairy products for consumers.

Fonterra Process Manager Grant Rooney said he and Clandeboye cream team were delighted that their butter turned out to be something special.

“Our unsalted butter is plain, natural butter with no flavourings, no additives and no salt – the only ingredient is fresh cream.  It’s just good old-fashioned butter that’s great tasting and great quality.”

Grant said the cream used in our butter is from milk from grass-fed cows, which is flavoursome and nutritious.  “My team is very proud to have picked up this award but credit also belongs with our Fonterra farmers.  Top quality milk from grass-fed cows makes top quality butter.”

Butter has experienced a resurgence in popularity over recent years as consumers turn towards simple, all-natural butter as a spread and cooking ingredient.  Butter consumption is growing strongly around the world, rising 8% per capita in the US in the US in 2016 and recording a hefty 20% growth per capita in China.

Fonterra Dairy Foods Category Director Casey Thomas said, “Consumers increasingly want natural, wholesome products.  They want to understand all the items on an ingredient list.  Butter fits perfectly.  It’s either just cream or cream and salt and our NZMP butter certainly fits the bill.”

Butter has a unique and valuable natural flavour regarded as ‘Gold Standard’.  During baking and cooking, flavour compounds in the butter generate the most delicious, baked-through buttery notes that other fat sources simply can’t provide.  Demand for the full, rich and creamy flavour and satisfying mouthfeel of our NZMP butter is on the rise.

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