New NZMP Mozzarella launches in Asia

Find out about our new premium NZMP Mozzarella from Stanhope, Australia

Our world-leading NZMP cheese making expertise, together with the high-quality fresh milk from local Australian cows, has culminated in our new, premium mozzarella cheese launching into Asia.

Premium NZMP Mozzarella is now available from our new state-of-the-art Stanhope cheese manufacturing plant in North Victoria, Australia.  This natural pasta-filata, NZMP cheese from Australia delivers the ultimate stretch, melt and creamy flavour characteristics our customers expect from a premium mozzarella for making pizzas and other cooked cheese applications.

Our NZMP Cheesemakers are highly skilled and experienced and share that knowledge across our manufacturing plants around the world.  The quality and performance of every batch of our NZMP mozzarella is tested and confirmed by grading experts in our dedicated testing kitchens before freezing and shipping to ensure we deliver consistent high quality ingredients from any of our plants around the world.