Comprehensive Data & Assurance

We can provide comprehensive data and assurance across our supply chain to give you a true view of your sustainablility performance.

The reassurance you need that our ingredients meet your sustainable sourcing requirements.

Fonterra is able to provide reports specific to our customers disclosure requirements – whether it is Ecovadis, SEDEX, CDP, the Sustainable Dairy Partnership or the UN SDGs.

Our access to traceability enabled tools allows you to open up your supply chain to your consumers, helping them to verify the claim on-pack and explore the unique New Zealand story behind the dairy ingredients.

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Benefits of leveraging our data & assurance

Business Confidence

Our data and assurance give you confidence in your sustainability performance, allowing you to deliver on your targets faster and communicate tangible progress to your stakeholders, investors and NGO’s.

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Attract New Investors

By meeting your sustainable sourcing requirements, you can limit your risk exposure and be seen more favorably by new investors looking to support sustainable brands.

Consumer Trust

Build consumer trust by opening up your supply chain and demonstrating transparency. Give your consumers the data they need to make a good choice for themselves and the planet.

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Case Study

Working with to provide a competitive advantage for our own consumer brand.

More and more consumers are wanting to understand whether the claim they are seeing on pack is legitimate and verified. This provides credibility and assurance the product they are buying is from a trustworthy source.

To provide credibility and assurance to our brand’s consumer base, we partnered with Provenance, a software solution which enables brands to communicate social and environmental impact with proof.

With Provenance’s off-pack digital experience, retail customers and shoppers were able to access our verified sustainability information via a QR code scan.

The Provenance Product Story was successfully rolled out via a QR code on pack and across point of sale, bringing credibility to our own consumer brand. By engaging the conscious shopper with full transparency on our claims, we built increased consumer trust. 

We’re also educated our consumers on what the claims were and how they helped to achieve a​ lower carbon footprint.

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