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Leverage our sustainability expertise and insights across the value chain.

Innovative solutions to future proof your business

Collaborate with us on innovative solutions that can make an impact on the environment and future generations. ​For example, new sustainable nutrition opportunities, packaging and waste alternatives, or exploring innovative methane reduction solutions. ​​


​​If you’re just starting out on your sustainability journey and looking for support – we can help tell a unique story to suit your consumers and markets. Our insights, marketing and sustainability experts can work alongside your teams to give your next product launch a competitive advantage. ​

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Benefits of leveraging our expertise & insights​

Brand Reputation

Cement your role as an innovative thought leader in the sustainability space. Deliver on your targets with confidence and​ communicate tangible progress to stakeholders, investors and NGO’s.

Unlock New Growth

Harness trends and insights to target profitable new product opportunities and reach new consumers in key segments.

Continuity & Resilience

Partnering with Fonterra as a trusted and sustainable dairy supplier will put your business in an optimal position to respond​ to rapidly changing consumer needs.

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Case Study

Utilising our expertise and partnering with Simply Milk to launch the Southern Hemisphere’s first carbonzero™ certified milk.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about climate change and are seeking solutions in their everyday shopping that are better for the environment. In the fresh milk category, climate change is a topic influencing consumer purchasing behaviour.

In New Zealand, Foodstuffs North Island wanted to act on this insight in a tangible way, providing a more sustainable option that made a difference to their consumer's everyday purchasing decisions.​

To deliver a new sustainable product solution for the customer we conducted consumer insights testing in New Zealand and identified carbonzero certification with Toitu Envirocare as a tangible and credible proposition. Providing confidence to consumers that the footprint of the dairy product is reduced and offset.

We partnered with Foodstuffs North Island to launch the new carbonzero™ certification for Simply Milk, a fresh white milk product exclusive to Foodstuffs North Island stores (New World, PAK’nSave, Four Square) in 2 litre bottles, full fat and reduced fat.

Fonterra partnered with Toitu − Envirocare, to measure and verify the footprint of Simply Milk. This was built off a decade of data we have been collecting across our supply chain to understand emissions across the full lifecycle. For those emissions we couldn’t reduce, we then offset the footprint with carbon credits from native forest regeneration​ in New Zealand, and renewable energy projects in Asia and the Pacific.​

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