Unique Claims & Content

Our expertise and insight has enabled us to develop certified claims and content backed by validated farm level data.

Meeting the needs of the conscious consumer

Our suite of claims and icons inform consumers that the dairy in the product they are purchasing comes from New Zealand. Designed to be used on-pack either on their own or in conjunction with others in the suite –these will set you apart from competitors.​​​​

As an NZMP customer licensing our claims, you receive comprehensive marketing support and assets. You gain access to an extensive library of beautiful images and video shot on Fonterra New Zealand farms. You can use these assets to boost your marketing and promotional efforts.

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Natural Dairy Claims to set your products apart

Leverage our natural New Zealand grass-fed dairy proposition and amplify your marketing efforts with our Natural Dairy Claims.

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Benefits of leveraging our unique claims & content 

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Product Differentiation

Address the conscious consumer, and access new premium market segments to differentiate against your competition.

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Build Brand Equity

You can make the New Zealand story a seamless part of your consumer journey and elevate your products above the rest.

NZMP Consumer Trust Sustainability

Consumer Trust

Demonstrate to your consumers that your products come from a trusted, credible dairy supplier - with third-party certified claims backed by comprehensive data.

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Case Study

Partnering with our customer to put our grass-fed claim on-pack, driving a premium and unlocking more growth.

A leading food manufacturer in South Korea was looking to launch a ​ready to mix (RTM) protein blend and wanted to emphasize the natural and healthy ​​perception of the protein by using a connection to grass-fed cows.​

To help with their product launch, we offered our customer a two-year license agreement to use our grass-fed dairy claims on-pack and to market that claim through their channels using our imagery and video assets.

Through a high reach shopping channel, our grass-fed and made with NZMP claims allowed them to differentiate against their competition and secure a 50%+ premium for their RTM protein blend. The customer is now looking to roll-out this claim on other formats. 

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